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Or at the very least, these characters are rarely boring so these are really the stand-outs. I want to start the list off with Five because I think she made the smallest impact of the bunch. Up until that point, Twelve and Nine were just toying with the police, getting W after W, but all of a sudden someone just as smart as them shows up.

Albino Anime Boy

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Who is the top anime character with white hair? Thanks to your votes on this list, we can finally answer that question. White hair, while associated with age in the real world, is a perfectly natural hair color in anime for characters of all age.

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The best anime characters with white hair

Anime boys with dazzling and shining white hair, they are such a beautiful view to gazed at and adore. Speaking of perfect, do you believe that fictional guys are way hotter than real life men? In line with this, we had ly shared a list of 9 beautiful red-haired anime girls. Therefore, it only fair to share another set of anime characters with their brilliantly colored white hair in all of its glory. Ladies, prepare yourself to drool smirkwhile boys better not get jealous out there.

Let's start the white haired anime boy slideshow!

The list are as follows:. On top of our list is the copy-ninja from Naruto universe. The nonchalant and mysterious mushishi is sitting at our 2nd spot in this list. A young assassin turned hunter will make your heart beat faster that his lightning. Another psychotic being in this list but definitely deserves to be called as one of the hottest white-haired anime boys. The brass immortal of Seven Deadly Sins simply remains one of the most awesome anime boys with silvery hair. Literally, the best definition of a prince charming and yes, Zen Wistalia is a real anime prince that everybody wish to be their own knight.

He may be small, but this cute captain from the Gotei 13 will freeze you to death with his stare. The mighty servant that whose arrows will seriously make you fall in love. This guy is the type of villain that will steal your heart, slice it in half and wiill leave you breathless. A handsome warrior that will win your heart with his swordsmanship as well as with his looks.

Yu alexius

The titular demon character who will make you fall in love with his imperfection. Even a ghoul will melt your heart with both his looks and his story.

The handsome guy from Fruit Basket with dual personality is actually a perfect white-haired guy to date with. Our handsome protagonist from D. Gray-man is a must in this list.

Allen is simply one of the hottest anime exorcist out there. That ends our list of best white-haired anime boys ever. Do you have something to add in this list, kindly tell us by leaving a comment below.

White hair is best hair

Originally published at www. Nothing spectacular. I talk about anime and donghua. Yu Alexius.

Yu Alexius Follow. Written by Yu Alexius Follow.

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