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Alphys x sans, I'd sans hunting for somebody that like Alphys

Do I have a theory that Sans and Alphys worked together in the past. In the end of the game, Alphys and Sans say something at the same time and Alphys says, "Jinx! I knew you'd say that!

Alphys X Sans

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. This is Riene. I partially got inspiration from friisans 's Dayne as like, the only fish goat ship kid I could find. Aquadine, I love you but theses obsure ships have no other references for me to pull from. I mean, I guess that means more creativity stuff but still.

Not much to say about him. I'm really tired and my brain can't brain because it wants sleep. Imma sleep.

Goodnight people. Papyrus: You should know that they only asked for money sans. Sans: paps, you dont have to give the money that you still have, besides, that is also your hard earned money. Papyrus: Sans no, take it please, i want to give you back the money, since you were always working since i was a kid. Sans: wow so cozy, so cozy that i called fall asleep, get it, cuz it will be fall season in autumn :. Undyne: Right. More Undertale sketchies Also went to do something related to allesiathehedge 's AU because I freakin fell in love with this one.

And also Kris's reaction. Alphys was looking out the window, she was thinking about the incident at the mountain. Monsters and human scientists had been hearing reports of a ominous flashing lights. The light was forebodingit was very bright and pinkish. No one knew what it was since no one had been able to find what was giving off the light. So Alphys and her colleagues decide to send a group of scientists went to the mountain with armed guards by their side.


Alphys had stayed behind and watched live feed being broadcasted by the scientists. She thought about the constant arguments. Some scientists thought this light could be used as a resource to boost the economy. Others thought it was some sort of accidental spell that may have gone off and caused the lights. She watched in horror as the wind began to pick up and a gust of dirt and twigs swept toward the scientists and their trucks.

Monsters were mangled by the trees and rocks that fell and hit. One scientist got hit by a corpse of a buck and was horrendously impaled by its antlers. Around that time when her live feed died she switched over to the news on her t.

Sans x alphys

She continued watching the news as the explosion and the loud noise had drawn out reporters. She watched as a piece of the mountain was deeply cut and a landslide took off. It came crashing toward the city, carrying the scientists and forest with it. The piece of the mountain that had broken off had crumbled down onto a school killing a handful of teachers and over students.

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Additionally, drivers and passengers got hit by the incoming landslide. When the news reporters got to where her fellow scientists were, they reported that one hundred of the scientists survived, 52 died, and 12 were seriously injured. Alphys was extremely worried and concerned.

Whatever the pink light is, it had to be destroyed. She started getting nervous. Could I have helped them? Should I not have stayed behind? Despite the warmth of the ramen, she still felt dreadful. As soon as she finished the ramen she spotted, yet again, an old photo of Undyne and Sans.

Her mind wanted to stop looking at the photo, but she continued.

Alphys x undyne

They had become friends and he was the one who introduced her to Undyne when Undyne came to visit the laboratory. While noticing the photo she banged her head against the refrigerator with rage and guilt. Undyne was sitting in her bedroom, she felt sorry for the poor child she had met by the river. Her mom takes a few steps towards her and tries to give her a comforting hug. But please just be careful, you know that the boy came from the lab where your dad…. He could be a monster from down the street. He could be in danger!

Plus, dad was up to some stuff in there before he died. A couple of miles later, she finally made it to the lab. Undyne knocked on the front door of the laboratory. It slid open. The doctor who pulled Sans back opened the door.

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He held the door firmly in place. His hold on the door relaxed for a second. The last day before he died he looked stressed and worried. Plus when I heard about him dying, I started asking around town.

Alphys said he saw someone in a cloak push my dad into the lava. And you have a cloak on. The doctor looked down at her in anger, at the same time his grip on the door relaxed. She walked in and saw that there was a yellow lizard and the yellow lizard was talking to Sans. It really laughs me to the bone. She remembered how magnetic Undyne was.

She was charismatic, bold, and friendly. It was easy to get along with her. Those feelings of friendship later turned to something else… Instead of dwelling on her feelings for Undyne, she shifted her focus back to Sans. The catastrophic event made her remember the event that first gave her feelings for Sans. It had happened a few days after meeting Sans and Undyne. After she exits the lab she spied a couple of kids from her school approaching her.

One of them was a skinny rabbit with a scar between his eyes. The other was a dark green crocodilian creature with sharp reptilian eyes. Your mother is drunkard, why should you be an apprentice? You know, you could become a drunkard like your mother. Can I just please go home? I need this job. You could maybe find a better job. He grabbed her and threw her sans the hard brown ground. After she hit the hard ground her glasses fell off and then he roared at her. Alphys was slowly backing up looking for her glasses.

The rabbit started put his knife in his back pocket and then smoothly began pulling out his pistol from behind him. But then suddenly Alphsy started to notice a figure opening a door behind her.

Then six bones appeared out of the ground. Popping up quickly, the bones stopped the thug who was about to shoot Alphys. His bullet had gotten stuck in between the bones. Then he notices his soul has turned blue. Then he feels himself getting yanked across the ground and noticed Sans looking at him. Why are you hurting one of my friends. Can you just put me down? He drug the rabbit across the hot and rocky ground and then tossed him into lava.