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American horror story nudity, Nudity searching somebody who horrors American

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American Horror Story Nudity

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If there's a sex scene with a famous ghost, it must be a Ryan Murphy show. Photo: FX. Murder House's sometimes sexy, sometimes not, but always creepy maid once hooked up with the ghost of one of the most infamous murder victims in American history. Who said that Ryan Murphy shows weren't educational?

What matters is that Adam Levine played a horny dude who had a fetish for hooking up in haunted places. We don't know what's creepier -- Levine's brutal murder or his hand lick before sex.

Season 3 started with a fraternity brother raping Emma Roberts' Madison at an out-of-control party. Zoe Taissa Farmiga extracted revenge in the one of the most eye-for-an-eye ways possible -- by having sex with the unconscious man with her deadly vagina. But she changes his mind, convincing him that they're both just animals looking for pleasure. Their horn-filled sexual encounter leaves Queenie deeply hurt but still alive.

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Not that weird. Having sexytimes while surrounded by hatching snakes as part of a fertility ritual? Yep, that's the line. Instead of finding companionship, the sweet Jimmy made his money by using his fused hand for the pleasure of housewives all over Florida.

Jessica Lange's Elsa takes the tragic cake. Before she was the leader of Freak Show, Elsa made her money as a dominatrix. But a snuff film gone wrong cost her the bottom halves of her legs.

But did it have to be with a ventriloquist who liked to have his puppet watch? We don't know why Neil Patrick Harris playing said ventriloquist makes this situation worse, but it does.

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But a demon with a drill for a penis raping Max Greenfield? Yeah, that was too much.

And then they murdered the strangers and feasted on their blood? We sure do. Keep that in mind before you go see A Star Is Born.

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This diva changed Season 6 drastically after her witchy character had sex with Cuba Gooding Jr. And you better believe his wife was watching the whole time. American Horror Story: Cult The Couple: Two random clowns This isn't one of the most star-studded sex scenes, but it's still pretty crazy.

While Sarah Paulson's chronically panicked Ally was having another episode in the grocery store, she saw two clowns having graphic sex. It's only later that she realized those clowns were real.

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Gallant and a man in the gimp suit This one isn't really that shocking unless you know your AHS history. There's only one character known for mysteriously having sex with people in a gimp suit -- Evan Peters' Tate from Murder House.

So there's a very real chance an Evan Peters character raped an Evan Peters character in the show's eighth season. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. Close click to copy.