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Amethyst cosplay tutorial, Cosplay lady hunt Amethyst guy tutorial hardcore

Each jaw bone necklace is unique, because it's hand made with a lot of love!

Amethyst Cosplay Tutorial

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You see, I already ordered the facepaint, gem, wig, makeup, and all that stuff but I'm having trouble finding the perfect top putting the Star on the leggings and choosing what kind of white boots to wear. I already went to the Tumblr website for the cosplay supplies but I just don't think the tops would do justice for it and I can't decide which shoes to wear. If you have any suggestions and stuff then please tell me cause I want it to be perfect! So the top is a grey leotard so that's what the top is. For the leggings I would look for dance tights and sew on the purple stars.

Years: I am 69
Available for: Guy
Eye tint: Bright blue eyes
What is my sex: Fem
My favourite drink: Cider
Favourite music: Electronic

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Amethyst from steven universe: future

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Amethyst whip tutorial

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Jaw bone necklace | pink marble (right jaw)

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