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Anime girl with ram horns, Anime woman seeking ram to horns

How many anime characters can you name that have horns on their head? This list ranks the greatest anime characters with horns, with the help of your votes. Some of these anime characters have horns because they aren't human, like Shenron or Gabumon.

Anime Girl With Ram Horns

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For Kouta and Yuka, finding the bloody naked young girl on the beach would change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Unable to speak or function as a normal human being, she is named Nyu by the duo, and taken into their home in an effort to save her. But what neither teenager knows is that this innocent young girl is actually a killing machine -- an experiment gone terribly wrong -- and it is only a matter of time before the murderer in her awakens again Poor Nana just is not able to adapt to her new life after being invited to stay in Kouta and Yuka's home. Especially when Lucy, the evil killer she's living with and despises, is turning out to be an incredibly sweet, clueless person named Nyuu who just wants to make others happy.

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From rainbow colored hair to cat ears and tails, anime character des has never really cared for being realistic. Varies on the anime but you know the drill.

The daughter of a Japanese mother and a British father descended from the Sherlock Holmes, Aria follows in the footsteps of her ancestors as a Butei — an international qualification for armed police. One of many Guardian Characters Shugo Chara from which the series drives its name.

Her horns are just one of many brilliant des.

The 30+ greatest anime characters with horns

Lilith is a minor character from Monster Musume, an anime where monsters of all sorts lodge at the house of Kimihito Kurusu. Lesser because her species does not fully mature, and instead looks like throughout their whole lives. She pretends to be a cute child to get what she wants — only to then backstab when most convenient. Aries is a shy, reserved, and well-mannered Celestial Spirit who is companion to Lucy Heartfilia. Though nice both in spirit and demeanor, she is nonetheless a deadly and proficient fighter with the ability to conjure up massive amounts of pink wool as a weapon.

Though friendly and outgoing, most students find Clara too quirky and her energy too much to keep up with. The nicer students avoid her, and the meaner students use her by pretending to be her friends to use her magical pockets. In a classic anime style, those magical pockets give unlimited snacks and drinks.

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Very anime if you ask me. Old Hell, which thrived on chaos, was destroyed. And in its place spawned New Hell, an orderly society.

Sounds fun! It is based on the Sengoku Jidai, a bloody hundred year period of endless civil war where shogunates and clans fought for power over the emperor in Tokyo.

In this weird anachronistic weeb dystopia we find Bokuden Tsukahara. She is based after the famous swordsman who fought fiercely for the Kashima clan, a house of the Japanese Royal Throne. Lucy is a dicloniusan evolution of the human race that has horns protruding out of their head. Orphaned asLucy was bullied and traumatized growing up.

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When angered, young Lucy would lose control of her vectors leading multiple massacres in her wake. That is, until she lost her memory and became Nyu, a sweet girl who wants nothing more than a peaceful life.

She has quite a character history. Mina Ashido is an outgoing and tomboyish hero in training. Although looking very much like a stereotypical alien, her physicality is the result of her Quirk.

She has the ability to expel acid from her body which she can use as a weapon, a shield, and even as transport if she ejects it from her feet. Scanty is one of the two demon sisters, dual-antagonists of the American looking anime Pantyhose and Stocking with Garterbelt.

Along with her younger sister Kneesocks, the demon sisters are ironically infatuated with rules in contrast to their archnemeses, the fallen angels Panty and Stockings who revel in freedom to the point of anarchy. Foil to the extroverted Panty, Scanty is deed similarly with long flowing hair, a killer body, and a thirst for excitement. Along with Kneesocks, Scanty plots the downfall of the anarchy sisters and plans for an eventual subjugation of mankind under their strict authoritarian regime.

In a future where humanity has developed immortality, adults have become celibate, lazy, anti-social, and corrupted. Children, now called Parasites how pleasant are created synthetically for the sole purpose of operating giant mecha called FRANXX as boy-girl pairs against the Klaxosaur.

Born of hybrid human and Klaxosaur blood, Zero Two has naturally pink horns and red rims around her eyes. Along with a pretty nice outfit that actually matches the horns! Originally fearful towards humans, Kanna quickly warmed up to living with Kobayashi and even requested to be enrolled in school.

Anime with ram horns

Her race of horned aliens came to take over Earth. But in the spirit of sportsmanship, allowed a random earthling to battle them for control…in a game of tag. And in an attempt to protect her modesty she covers her chest only to have Ataru grab her horns. Cyril is a freelance writer, drama teacher and singer from Hong Kong. Growing up in East Asia, anime is literally everywhere.

Cyril wrote for the shortlived Shonen-World anime review site and also writes for Underground Hong Kong, a local music magazine. Come say Hi! If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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