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Anime hundred episode 1, Erotica episode hundred Anime especially for massage

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Anime Hundred Episode 1

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Hayato Kisaragi is a student going to the Little Garden to go to school, where he is training to become a Slayer, human beings who can defeat monsters known as Savages, which are endangering the lives of other fellow human beings. As he exits from the plane, two girls from the school rush to meet him but he hides from them out of embarrassment. However, he later attracts attention at the school campus due to his high scores.

As Hayato begins to feel welcomed at the school, the two girls become late to the entrance ceremony as they were looking for him, and they are expelled then and thereby the Student Council President and the Captain of the Little Garden, Claire Harvey.

However, Claire turns to Hayato instead, who musters his courage and says that he feels that the students should not be expelled.

Claire then challenges him to a one-on-one duel to determine the students' fates. After the entrance ceremony, Emile takes Hayato to see her friend, the technician of the Little Garden, Charlotte Dimandias. At her lab, she reveals herself to also be the Chief Researcher on Hundreds, special gems that can grant powers to humans, turning them into Slayers.

She gives Hayato his Hundred, which reacts to him almost immediately. Seeing this, Emile takes Hayato to the training grounds to train him for the upcoming duel. Later, he goes to put his luggage in his dormitory and accidentally spots Emile wearing nothing but a towel.

He is then knocked out by him. He then learns that he and Emile are roommates.

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Little Garden is the first episode of the Hundred anime and it aired April 5, Episodes Anime Media. Universal Conquest Wiki.