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Ann coulter transexual, Transexual coulter seek Ann for chatting

When Ann Coulter referred to presidential candidate John Edwards as a faggotwe all knew there is something more wrong about it than the individual insult. Not only are we incensed because the term is often yelled out when hate crimes are committed against LGBT peoplebut because we know that what Ann Coulter was also saying in calling John Edwards a faggot is that there is something inherently wrong about being gay.

Ann Coulter Transexual

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The National Center for Transgender Equality's director of communications tells us why he has Ann Coulter's back even if she doesn't have his.

As usual, she was wrong. And Ann Coulter has done a lot wrong. However, these reactions, aiming to silence Ann Coulter, only furthered the marginalization of women and transgender people.

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But the more sinister harm here is the thought that her appearance somehow makes her less worthy of respect. Judgments against Ann Coulter because of how she looks are also an attack on transgender people.

Of course these words are offensive. But these words also do something much worse.

When used to silence someone for their beliefs, these words normalize a narrow picture of who gets to participate in our politics. The last four decades have not seen even a dozen openly transgender elected officials. Reading the tweets on both sides reminds me of schoolyard bullies indiscriminately pushing people away. Here, Ann Coulter and her agitators are all in the role of schoolyard bullies, driving sexism and ableism forward, adding to the culture of violence against transgender people, and pushing transgender people away from engaging in civil society.

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