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Areola tattoo heart, I'd tattoo hunt for chica that loves bangs

Looks like you might have an AdBlocker on. Please whitelist confidentials. Arched eyes and sparkly nether regions are so last year.

Areola Tattoo Heart

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Ah, why did I click that lol And yeah, guess I agree with you on that last part. I mean I want a tattoo but one that means something. IMO, the plain nipple heart looks better than a patterned nipple heart but that second link is nice too! Fair enough, first time I've seen it which is why I'm making a big deal out of it lol.

Years old: I'm 31 years old
Ethnic: Brazilian
Sexual identity: Gentleman
What is my sex: Girl
I know: English, Chinese
My figure type: My body type is plump
What I prefer to drink: Lager

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Is that a bad idea?

Most helpful guy

I have both my nipples pierced. Oh I bet I does! I had my nipples tattooed into hearts by an extremely reputable tattoo artist in the uk in I also help a tattoo artist out with social media and bookings etc and she has a couple of women with nipple tattoos post mastectomy who require top-ups every few months to feel comfortable with the way their tattooed nipples look.

If you like how it looks I would say go for it, but with the awareness that it might require maintenance much like it can with palms of hands or bottom of feet etc.

The procedure itself was okay. Not exactly pleasant but I found it easier to deal with than, say, underside of arm or gnarly bits on your back. I was around a C cup before kids and after bfing they're DD's. I definitely want to have children in the future but not now. I have another 10 years before I think about kids, really.

I have both nipples pierced already so I wonder if my piercings would affect a tattoo? I have bigger areolas too so instead of getting hearts the same color I got a black outline of a heart around each one.

Areola and nipple tattooing

So the hearts are about the same size, slightly smaller than my areolas. Mine are big too! I have mine done and I absolutely love them. Do it!

The nipple tattoo trend

I'm curious to getting them done as well, but concerned as when my nipples shrink from the cold itll look odd. Does it? Also worried the tattooist won't choose the correct colour similar to my nipples. I think it would be adorable go for it!! It hurts, sure, not the worst though. But it's so worth it.

Most helpful girls

I love looking at them. Mine are fairly big since I got them to cover up scars from a breast reduction, but I love when I'm wearing just the right top and bra that you can see it peeking out a bit. Would you mind sharing a pic?

I feel intrusive asking that but the way you describe them sounds lovely :. You should go for it! There is always formula if that's a concern for you.

I've also seen some gorgeous scarrification done around the nipples. I have had mine done for 5 years now as flesh colored mandalas.

They have blurred just a little over time but still look good. Didn't hurt at all as far as the tattoo pain scale goes, and I have plenty all over.

Areola and nipple tattoos can be useful for:

I don't ever regret it. Go for it!

Found the internet! I wanna tattoo my nipples into hearts. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best.

Do it. Continue this thread. I have mine tattooed with paisley mandalas and I say go for it! Just got them blasted over. Go for it. More posts from the bodymods community.

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