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Ash x james, Ash woman looking up james for tickling

At this point, "twerp" comes off as an affectionate nickname, as Jessie, James and Meowth follow Ash on every step of his adventures. In fact, they feel like strange friends at times. Ash has known Team Rocket for so long that it feels like there is some sort of unspoken bond between them.

Ash X James

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Prepare for trouble, or maybe not? At least, that's how things usually play out.

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While watching the old show, a few things have struck me as weird:.

Therefore, I propose that Ash's mother has hired Team Rocket to protect and help her son throughout his journey. So instead of creepy child stalkers, they are in fact bodyguards dispatched by Team Rocket who is normally into protection schemes and similar rackets. Edit 1 after some discussion.

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This fits into the whole "Giovanni is Ash's father" conspiracy quite well, I must say. However debunked it may be. If he was the father why would he send his worst peons to look out for his son. Some protective parents there. This is still semi-included in my head canon. Seems like an interesting theory.

I think it was explained before, though, that they want Pikachu for his power level seemingly unlimited, despite never even evolving. Since Jesse and James are so incompetent, they almost never get stuck with any real jobs, so they have all the time in the world to pursue their obsession over getting this Pikachu.

Put him in the hands of another trainer and yeah, they'd probably try their damndest to get him, but they already have him and treat him as a peer.

Yeah, I remember them explaining it If only they had a Dragon Ball style power level reader, then we'd know if that was just a made up reason or not xD. Even though it would no longer fit into "Giovanni is Ash's father", what if Ash's mom hired only Jesse and James, rather than Team Rocket as a whole? Their feeble attempts to capture Pikachu are either actually engineered to help Ash, or an attempt to convince Giovanni that they're actually doing something evil.

Mmm, that is a good point Giovanni does seem to be unaware of their jameses more often than not. It is explained meowth learned human talk as a way to impress a female meowth which she rejects him because he's still low class, Jesse and James explains their after the pikachu because it is rare and powerful so Giovanni allows them to go after it. My main problem with this theory is that it raises questions at things that are explained later on in the show.

Assuming that you aren't a " firstgenmasterrace" elitist, there are many answers and explanations that the later seasons offer to these questions. I won't argue about their motivation, at least in the old show. You are looking at this from the contemporary status quo, that to be considered Ash of taking care of yourself is the age of eighteen. I'll reserve my thoughts on this topic for now. I don't recall Ash winning because of Team Rocket's intervention when he was fighting Lt. Surge; quite the contrary, Team Rocket kept out of the fight until it was over because they were so touched by Pikachu's conviction to win without evolving.

Pokemon - from hate to love❤ (ash x james)

Meowth himself states that this is because there was a certain other Meowth who he wanted to impress. This other Meowth was obsessed and in awe of the human world, and Meowth taught himself how to speak and be as human as possible to impress the other Meowth. I would like to point out that Jesse and James are actually comparatively high-level members of Team Rocket or at least respectedeven in the old show.

Hell, first time Ash runs into them they fish up a wanted poster with the two of them specifically on it. The fact that they are even in a position to chase after Pikachu no holds barred offers some indication to the trust that the Rocket organisation places in them and their abilities. The later in the series you get, the more you see the Rocket transitions, as well as their relationship with the rest of the organisation. This is what Team Rocket's Pika-chasing has been like, trap holes excluded: "Haha, we have a mech!

But we can't really afford it, budget cuts and all ". Why would I say this? Because, in the beginning, they are obviously wanted and Team Rocket obviously trusts them enough to give them a budget which can get them mechs. The less they show, the more cuts there are to their budget.

However, they are still trusted for their abilities, which is evident in them being ased as bodyguards to high-ranking Rocket scientists later on, as well as Giovanni asing them to pioneer Rocket involvement in Unova with an entire support operation behind them. There are more episodes with Team Rocket In fact, I believe there isn't even an episode that isn't a flashback in which Team Rocket doesn't appear at some point which contradict this theory.

You're right, Jesse and James are high ranking. Low level thugs don't get a budget like theirs, nor would they be allowed such a degree of independence. That said, I wouldn't consider them the best of the best. The other elite agents look down on them. I''d say they're elites, but only just barely.

Their budget is always being cut, and Giovanni is always angry at them. I'd say they hang onto their elite status by a thread. I think we have to conclude that they do other things off camera.

Giovanni's a smart man. He wouldn't keep giving them money unless they produced. I think they must actually be doing useful things in between episodes.

Pikachu is their passion project. They've got a grudge against Ash. So, when they finish doing other things, they chase Pikachu. What's more, Pikachu is a pretty powerful Pokemon.

It's gotta be level by now. I can see how they could justify chasing him to Giovanni. As long as they keep producing otherhe gives them leeway to engage in this side project.

Though, I'm sure their expense reports thoroughly test his patience. Remember — Pikachu are a very rare find in the Viridian forest. That could explain the whole, "Pikachu must be captured" spiel. When they first encounter Pikachu they remark that the Pika is especially strong.

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Surprisingly so. Does this apply in any way to the games, where Red literally destroys team rocket? Also, how can you explain Bush and Cassidy, Giovanni, Dr. Namba or the rest of the villainous teams? It shouldn't, since red and ash are two completely different characters.

The games also do not directly refer to Jesse and James, just Team Rocket as a faction with Giovanni as the leader. They want Pikachu because he's powerful. It's a pretty simple reason, but it makes sense. The more times Pikachu defeats them, the stronger it seems. Nothing against you or this theory personally, but this statement always really irks me.

Anyone who says that there's no way a good parent would let a young kid roam free like that just seems incapable of thinking beyond the world they know personally. Leaving at age ten is the norm in the world of Pokemon, simple as that.

Once you turn ten, you're allowed to fend for yourself with your Pokemon. Gary does it, and so do a lot of other trainers. Team Rocket seems pretty freelance, for the most part. They occasionally have specific goals, but for the most part, it seems like they're following the general order of "steal powerful Pokemon.

If I remember correctly, Ash beat Sabrina without Team Rockets help, and, given her freaky powers, she's probably the one trainer and body guard would absolutely be on top of. Meowth sucks at combat. You said it yourself. Team Rocket doesn't care about rare Pokemon nearly as much as they do strong ones.

Besides, it's mentioned that Meowth was Giovanni's "top cat" before he started messing up, so obviously they do appreciate his rarity. Team Rocket takes a LOT of physical abuse. What single mom, presumably without a job, could pay someone to be "blasting off again" on a daily basis? Jesse and James' interactions with Giovanni, Butch, and Cassidy prove they're affiliated with Team Rocket, meaning that if your theory is correct, either all of Team Rocker is in on it, or Jesse and James are double agents.