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Avery sailor moon, I would like Avery female moon sailors tickling

She likes to show off her bustline since her outfit is pretty skimpy. She is about 5'6" and weighs about pounds. Her hair is the "normalist" of all the Ayakashi sisters which is brown.

Avery Sailor Moon

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Their names are CatziBertieAveryand Prizma. Catzi is said to be the oldest. Other sources report her as the youngest, with Bertie as the next youngest, then Avery, then Prizma as the oldest. It is clearly said in the anime that Prizma is older than Avery. If it is to be believed that Catzi is the oldest and not the youngest, then the order would be, from oldest to youngest: Catzi, Prizma, Avery, and Bertie.

Age: 33
I love: Gentleman
Gender: Girl
What is my hair: Long lustrous dark-haired hair
What is my figure features: My figure features is thin
I prefer to drink: Absinthe

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She accompanied Rubeus and her sisters to 20th-century Earth in order to locate Chibiusa and find the Silver Crystal. Calaveras was very similar to Petz in the anime : very arrogant and haughty, and very contemptuous of humanity. Unlike Petz, however, Calaveras was not very gung-ho about her mission, and her laidback attitude resulted in many fights with Petz, whom she always ended up being paired with on missions whether she liked it or not.

Calaveras loved to tease all of her sisters, which led to arguing between Koan and Petz. Like Petz, she seemed to have some affection for Berthierand had normal conversations with her. She was also more interested in men than Petz, who claimed to dislike them. On top of the dark powers given to her by her Avery Moon pedigree, Calaveras had the more natural gift of persuasion, as well as the ability to moon to an amicable personality which she tended to lack in reality. This tended to gather large crowds of victims with little trouble, as well as get under Petz's skin.

She was also very pretty, which she rubbed into Petz's face from time to time. Calaveras was eventually healed in episode 72when Petz used the Black Moon Stick not only on the intended victims, the Sailor SenshiKoan, and Berthier, but also on Calaveras, injuring her. As she reeled from shock, Sailor Moon reassured her that she sailor be all right, and she decided to stay with Sailor Moon because of her act of forgiveness.

After the sisters were reunited, they opened a cosmetics stand, where Calaveras became the spokesperson.

Calaveras' only appearance in the manga was in Act Vowing revenge for the deaths of her sisters, Calaveras, the spiritual medium of the Black Moon, embarked on CodeOperation Re:Birth. Disguised as the medium Miss Calaveras, she channelled the spirit of Rubeus into her to sway the people of Tokyo into believing that the Sailor Senshi were trying to destroy Earth, while the Black Moon were coming to save them.

Black moon clan

When Sailor Venus confronted her, Calaveras first summoned the spirits of Sailor Venus' friends - Sailor MarsSailor Mercuryand Sailor Jupiter - through several of the Senshi's close friends, and showed them being tortured. She then summoned her dead sisters to throw an energy blast at Sailor Venus.

Calaveras appeared in the musical Tanjou! She disguised herself as the famous medium "Miss Karas Vegas," who claimed she could communicate with extraterrestrials.

Avery schiff: bunny, sailor moon

She eventually met her demise, along with her sister Koan, at the hands of Sailor Uranus ' World Shaking attack. Calaveras appeared as a boss in the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story.

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Black moon clan

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