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Bad dragon anthro shark, Turks chica anthro friend Bad dragon

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Bad Dragon Anthro Shark

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Nova Clarke: How can you tell? Baz Hogan: Not as many sharks flying around. After starting a sex toy review with a Sharknado quote, I think it may be time to re-evaluate my life and each of the decisions that has lead me to this one particular moment. However, in the meantime let me tell you about Bad Dragons penetrable anthro shark toy. I have talked about Bad Dragon a little bit before in our review of their ice dragon dildo.

How old am I: 22
Nationality: I'm serbian
What is my gender: Female
My hair: Strawberry-blond
I prefer to drink: I prefer to drink ale
My hobbies: Sports

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Bad dragon anthro shark masturbator sleeve

Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Thread starter Phelvia Start date Jan 12, Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. First Prev 3 of 4 Go to.

Phelvia Well-known member. The Fusion Legacy. The Fennec Fox. Toy looks like a older version of Razor on mobile so here's the link. The Pegasus Member. Actually the drawings for Mary were for the original now Legacy. Her background story wasn't included with the current Mary which I refer to as Mary 2. I'm grateful and fortunate to be keeper to 3 Legacy Mary's as I was informed via correspondence with Bad Dragon that they will never be offered again even during their Legacy sales.

I was able to snag a promotion picture used with the Mary 2. Notice that this drawing of Mary is not like those used with the original Mary. The Pegasus said:. Her background story wasn't included with the current Mary. Fun info-y bits part Some things you need to know about the Raptor prototype: 1 The Raptor is a fuckable, rideable toy with both an anal passageway and a cock.

It's incredibly fun.

[can] wts gala anthro shark penetrable

Athus fucked up the measurements and made it way too big. This is too big, expensive, heavy and complex to make more than a handful of internal-use-only prototypes. It will be substantially smaller and cheaper both to produce and to buybut will retain a comfortable 'medium toy' sized shaft and the same size of passageway as shown here.

Spoiler: Drippy Dragon came with 3 other Alt Art recolors.

The Breeder. The Seadragon Original Spritz. The Naga Original Vasu. The Flashlight April Fool's Toy. Ok so these two don't have any art at all for this. So I'm just putting down the screenshots I have saved. Stubbs the Quarter-Horse. Last edited: Feb 24, I was looking at the new stories and remembering the forums having a laugh at the new "bios". Pretty much any bio that re like a bio of the character and not a "this is how it feels" will be the ones I post first.

The models I post last will be the ones with not much substance to their bio because this thread being for Stories or bios of the character The "I want to laugh at these descriptions now that I remembered them again" Edition and the usual "What did Phelvia remember or dig up today? Here's clips from the new stories that I found really amusing. Can you guess from the descriptions of who's who? I just needed a laugh today.

They really love using "meaty". Were thoseā€¦ FOUR balls??

Anthro dragoness bad dragon porn bad dragon mrhide patten hentai foundry

Gee, your mom lets you have four balls? NonFantasy Mode works his way deeper into your cave. We spent some time researching the subject and reading the books and were surprised at the content within. We met with some of our friends in the BDSM community whom had also read the books and shared our feelings only to find that many are against 50 Shades. At Bad Dragon we enjoy having fun with our sales while promoting healthy sexual practices and releasing fun products.

We feel that 50 Shades demonstrates instances of an abusive relationship including non consensual sex and sexual abuse - we simply cannot support the current popularity of the books and film. Thank you for your support and all the feedback we received when researching this sale idea and we are proud that our customers also wish to promote healthy sexual practices. Cherry Kisses and Split Lips. Last edited: Jan 19, Anje the Dilophosaurus. Spoiler: Art on the Site. Spoiler: Unofficial BD art but official art of the Creator.

Spitfire the Dragon. Spoiler: The pose Spitfire is in reminds me of this I'm sorry Last edited: Aug 11, Bad Dragon Labs is your chance to pick what de you want to see from us next! Anyone can submit their de ideas, together anthro sketches, 3D models or other media that demonstrates their concept. Other users can then share helpful feedback to help the deer figure out tweaks and improvements they might like to add.

Last edited: Jan 20, Leilani the Dolphin. Kona the Dolphin. Axel Bad Krogan. Pearce the Orc. So for the remaining characters, I'm going to be posting their picture and I'm going to be shark it this way because; Spoiler: Words 1 I may write my own bio for them I'm lazy and also work so don't count on this. I know I made a story for Sophia when she first came out I always called her "Mantadrake" before she was dragon a species so I will put my stories in a spoiler to prevent confusion if I go this route.

Spoiler: Words 2 I wanted to include all the art but some didn't have a story with it so I'm putting the art here and then figuring out what to do for the bio later.

If anyone wants to write their own bio for the ones that don't have a very wordy one, write one up and pm me it? I'll credit you in the post when I add it. The Freeman. Neon Savannah Promotion This wasn't a promotion with a sale but there was some decent merchandise to parody the Zootopia movie that came out.

Toys that came out were Austin, Alice, and Tyson.

Bad dragon story corner (official character bios)

Spoiler: Quite a few different styles This was the back on all of them. The other side was a magazine cover style. Sophia the Water Nymph. Blaze the Fire Drake. You must log in or register to reply here.