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Barbara feldon feet, Ethiopians feldon search Barbara to foot

Coming straight to you from the bottom of the barrel is the third installment of the Smartian Controversies.

Barbara Feldon Feet

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Just as documents from the Cold War are gradually being declassified, one of the greatest comedy series of the era is finally coming in from the cold. And would you believe as the show's catch phrase went all five seasons in one box?

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Some actors would consider the typecasting confining, but not Feldon.

As a matter of fact, Feldon was nominated for two primetime Emmysas the sexy, loveable sidekick to bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart, played by the late Don Adams. She was married from to to Lucien Verdoux-Feldon, and later partners with Burt Nodella, but has no children.

We caught up with the actress and former model in New York, where she resides. She is articulate, funny and gracious, not unlike her Agent 99 character. Following are edited excerpts from part one of a longer, fascinating conversation. Barbara Feldon: I always loved when we got to dress up and play, like we were in kindergarten.

I loved the one where Don [Adams] and I are disguised as Charlie Chaplin, both of us, with mustaches and everything. I loved doing that imitation wearing the costume and being proposed to in a mustache [laughs]. The cone of silence? BF: That makes me smile. When they dropped the cone of silence, the cast always loved watching because it was silliness taken to the most delicious extreme.

For the first time, 99 and Max got in the cone together, on their bed, yelling at each other! When we did the pilot and first stood on our marks, he looked up and saw me. He was not terribly pleased. I tried to mitigate the distance difference by working in my bare feet.


I think I was the only actress in Hollywood who had calluses on her ankles [laughs]. If we were doing a scene in a desert, Don would dig a hole for me.

When we walked into a room together, I was taller. But by the time we got to the close-up, I was two inches shorter due to my ability to slouch really effectively. When I hear it, I just think of Don. I can hear his voice doing it, his delivery. And I can see that little wry expression he got on his face after he said it. He kind of wagged his head a bit.

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BF: There were stagehands moving those doors — it was all done manually. And when Max dropped in the phone booth, he bent his knees and went out of sight. There was no hole, but it worked beautifully! It was timed so well. I write about extreme adventure and those who do it. I've bobsledded with the Olympic team; piloted a super-boat at mph; flown to 84, feet at Mach 2. I've also purchased a ticket to fly to space with Virgin Galactic. You get the idea: I like to push limits and inspire others to do the same. This is a BETA experience.

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