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Batman poison ivy fanfiction, I am batman fanfiction who like ivy

Detective Bullock angrily said, "That's a silly question. If I knew where she was I would of defeated her by now. Batman replied, "Deep down Poison Ivy doesn't want to be evil.

Batman Poison Ivy Fanfiction

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Jim Gordon flipped the switch. The batal suddenly shone brightly in the sky. He waited. Finally, he heard a familiar noise: the sound of a grappling hook whizzing through the air.

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I started this years ago and abandoned it, but I've recently decided to re-do it all and finish it.

Poison ivy batman stories

I really hope you like the updated version! Bruce stopped putting his suit on for a moment and raised an eyebrow at Tim. The teenager's face drained of any of his excitement.

If I can't track the Joker with you, can I at least visit Ivy? Bruce forced his face to remain impassive at the reminder of Jason. When he saw Alfred looking at him expectantly, he finally conceded with a nod. Tim smiled and nodded, before bouncing off to get changed. Bruce turned to Alfred wearily, who merely smiled nostalgically. The drive to the asylum was quiet; Tim seemed to be deep in thought, and Bruce had never been one to break any silences between the two of them.

However, a few minutes before they arrived, Tim decided to speak. This was obviously not news to Bruce, so he didn't look at Tim as he continued to drive, staring at the empty road instead. What about it? Bruce's jaw clenched slightly, the only that he was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. Tim snorted disbelievingly.

It was unusually quiet when they arrived at Arkham; unlike most days Bruce visited, the halls were not filled with shouting, threats and laughter from the more disturbed patients. Most likely planning ways to escape, Bruce thought tiredly as they followed a guard to Poison Ivy's room. Any successful escape, especially from a maximum-security prisoner, always inspired more plots to break out at the next possible opportunity, and today seemed to be no different. Dr Joan Leland waited for the two of them at the end of the corridor. At this point, she was used to silence and blank stares and continued without expecting any kind of response.

She should be up to talking to you. I was wondering if we could speak privately for a moment?

Once he had disappeared, Dr Leland turned back to the two superheroes, slightly more nervous than before. While those sorts of things weren't important to Bruce, he understood that, to a respected and caring psychiatrist like Leland, her patients' trust was everything. He nodded once, silently impressed by her morals. She took the nod as confirmation that her words wouldn't be repeated and continued. Pamela takes those things to heart, please don't upset her more than necessary when you question her.

Bruce nodded again and saw Tim do the same.

Harley and Ivy's relationship had been a strange yet persisting one over the years; despite Harley's almost guaranteed return to the clown, the two still spent lots of their time living, and causing chaos, together. The thought of the Joker filled Bruce with an anger he hadn't quite been prepared for and hadn't felt for a long time.

He forced it down as he entered the interrogation room. Pamela Isley was a beautiful woman; even Bruce, looking past all the times she had attempted to kill him, could appreciate the fact. Even with the deadly glare she gave the two of them, her hair messy and wearing Arkham's unflattering patient uniform, it was easy to see why so many men fell for her tricks.

He kept his face stoic as he and Robin stood in front of the table, her scowl intensifying as she stared up at them. Apparently, today was not going to be a day of trickery and seduction. While normally he wasn't willing to lie to any of the criminals quite so quickly, an escape by the Joker allowed a different set of rules. She answered immediately, fear for her friend and lover clear in her voice.

Unless…" Her gaze drifted into space for a moment as she thought, before her eyes snapped back to Batman's. Dissociative identity disorder — right at the top. I thought everyone knew.

Bruce ignored her half-hearted attempts to provoke him. Ivy, on the other hand, barely batted an eyelid at the question. She was staying with me once when she switched — let's just say it wasn't pretty. After they escape he normally kicks her out for a few days — don't expect them to be in the same place. If Bruce could have rubbed his temples at that moment while remaining stoic, he definitely would have.

She still stays there sometimes. Only if she's really hurt though. In her desperation to have her friend found safely, her powers of persuasion were weak, especially to Bruce, who it had never worked exceptionally well on to begin with; Tim, who he had almost forgotten was still standing there, was similarly unaffected. However, as the two shared a look, Bruce knew he wasn't the only one who found the situation odd.

Ivy was never this cooperative; the only other time he had been was just before Harley had been found in an alley, covered in blood with some cracked ribs. The thought that history could repeat itself filled Bruce with dread, something he hadn't been expecting and didn't even want to try to understand for the time being. He pushed the feeling down and turned to leave, Tim close behind him.

But Harleen? She hates the guy — I reckon she'd leave him if she got enough control, probably for someone else. Bruce only stared at her, unwilling to show his confusion, and she groaned quietly. He swallowed down his sympathy for her, trying hard not to recall the time he felt a very similar way regarding Selina. That's more than I needed to know for a night, he thought, his head so preoccupied he barely registered that he had left the room until he was standing outside with Robin.

Leland nodded to them both. The two superheroes nodded once back and continued down the corridors. The shouting was beginning to start again as more patients realised Batman and Robin were in their midst, and both men remained in silence until they left the asylum and were back in the Batmobile. Even without the Joker, she was more than slightly dangerous. They sat in silence for a few minutes as the car sped towards the city, before Tim spoke up again.

They drove almost silently out of the gates of Arkham and towards the lights of the city. Tim seemed happy enough to sit in silence, and Bruce was far too concerned with wondering why exactly he cared what Harleen Quinzel thought of him when he was on the news. FanFiction unleash your imagination.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Comics Batman. She viewed it as a holiday, he was more inclined to see it as rehabilitation. Sometimes unusual circumstances require unusual responses. Or, Bruce allows Harley Quinn to stay with him and it's even more chaotic than expected. Chapter 1: Poison Ivy "I want to come.

Tim nodded eagerly. Come on, it's only Poison Ivy. Chapter 1: Poison Ivy 2. Chapter 2: Rainbow Bruises 3. Chapter 3: Safe 4.

Chapter 4: Harlequins and Coffee 5. Chapter 5: Brothers 6.

Chapter 7: On Board 8. Chapter 8: Tour 9. Chapter 9: An Unusual Guy The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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