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Beastly sex story, Thai girl sex story for Beastly

Miserably cold.

Beastly Sex Story

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It was late one Friday night I had been on a date with my girlfriend.

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Ever since my Rocky broke me in, the first time, I have been a fan of fucking him whenever I could.

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Things like people being in the house, having school work, or countless other hassles that come up in everyday life. It was during my 16th year that I felt the need to expand a bit more.

My Rockygy Kintaro was doing very good in terms of keeping my young pussy busy. I sex has some people I would turn to when I felt the itch story. I had plenty of sex as I grew up, but something about fucking an animal turned my internal engine up. Just thinking about a Rocky buried deep in my pussy, his knot filling me up, always got my love juices flowing.

During one summer my family and I were on a vacation. My dad took us to the countryside in southern Japan to relax. We were staying at a nice Ryokan, a Japanese style resort. We were there for about a week total. Not bad and all, but with a sex drive like mine it was a little hard. I would run my hand over my cunt when I could, but it was hard to find time with the family around.

Plus the hotel was a bit popular, so there were always people walking about, so finding beastly privet space was hard as well. On the third morning my sister and I were walking about the area. The grounds were nice and big.

There was a park just a bit down the road and a small temple as well. My parents were staying in the hotel room and let us explore. My sister is only 3 years younger than I, and we got along very well. The two of us were walking around when I noticed a fenced off area behind the Ryokan. This was connected to where the owners lived, so it must have been their privet area. I ran up to the fenced to see if I could see anything. I looked between the planks in the fence, moving back and forth.

There was some laundry outside drying. There were also some other chairs decorations lined up on one side. Then, as I was snooping around, I heard a jungle and a bang on the fence. I was startled at first and jumped back. It was a Rocky! And he looked friendly. I called to my sister, the two of us called to the Rocky and he was happy to respond, jumping at the fence. I introduced myself and my sister. The boy went around to the gate and put a leash on the Rocky. He came running out, excited to play, pulling the boy behind him. The three of us took Kohi for a walk.

We went into the forest a bit and Riki showed my sister and me around. At one point Riki took Kohi off his leash and we played catch with him. It was sex really good time. But as we were playing around, my eyes kept story drawn to the pups cock. I could see the red tip poke out when he would jump on one of us.

His beastly balls must have been very full. We finished playing and headed back to the Ryokan. It was getting late and almost dinner time. After dinner we all took a bath in the hot spring. It was nice and hot, so after washing up we relaxed for a while.

Animal sex stories-beastly moments, female with dog

After resting we all headed to our room. With our yukatas like a robe on, we laid around the room, my parents talking and drinking, my sister and I playing cards. Around 10 my parents said it was bed time. Each of us got into our spots and turned off the lights.

After a while of lying in bed though, I got up. I moved silently through the room, using my phone as a flashlight. I opened the door and got out without making a sound. The Ryokan was quiet and no one around moving, so I had to keep quiet as I moved here as well.

I slipped on my sandals and made my way outside. I rounded the building to the back area. It must have been around 11 now, and the owners place was all quiet as well. I went up to the gate where Riki opened it earlier and let myself in. The Rocky woke up and snarled at first, but I let my hand out near him to sniff. He remembered me and quickly changed his tone, licking my hand. I grabbed the leash and put it on Kohi, leading him away from the Rockyhouse to the fence. Once I opened the gate though he bolted out quickly, pulling me behind.

Once he calmed down a bit I took him over to the park down the road. I put his leash around one of the poles supporting the monkey bars and laid my yukata down.

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I was in a t-shirt and shorts underneath. I pulled him over to me and started petting him. I started at his head and slowly moved my hand down his back. He was loving me so much, rubbing his head against me and just enjoying the touching.

Soon though I made my way under him nearing his sheath. Soon I had my young hand wrapped around his area, moving back and forth, getting that tiny red tip to pop out every so often. There were no light or lamps around, but the stars were bright enough to see what was going on.

Soon I had Kohi humping at my hand, his dick poking out more and more each thrust. He tried to mount my shoulder a few times, but I kept him down. I laid back on the ground and pulled my short leg hole aside, exposing my bald cunt to the animal. Kohi came up to me and put his cold Rocky nose right in my honey pot.

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He licked a few times but seemed uninterested. I then pulled out a napkin with some sweet paste in it from dinner and rubbed it around my clit. That got Kohi into thing s bit more and he was soon digging his tongue all around in me, exploring my pussy with his mouth.

I was so wet, and his Rockygy spit was making me even more lubed up. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All. Twitter RSS. Monday, October Desi English. Related Stories.

Entangled with a beast

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