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Being a nurse sucks, I picking girl Being sucks nurse

When I got out of your school, I thought I was going to conquer the world as a new nurse.

Being A Nurse Sucks

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Its like hospitals call for the smartest, best, top notch people to come forward so they can be taught to sacrifice their lives and eat dirt.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. About the. Why do Most Nurses seem to Hate the career path they chose? Oct 8, 1, 1, I don't know Medical Student. This baffles me, aren't perspective nurses required to do some shadowing or clinical volunteering to see what nursing is really like before they apply?

Nursing seems like a sweet gig: 4 year degree, k, 36 hour week, what's not to like? More options.

Nursing is a scam ( think twice before becoming a nurse)

Jan 12, Medical Student. No, there are no shadowing requirements. Many units are understaffed.

For example, an ICU, because of its acuity, is supposed to have a low patient-to-nurse ratio. It's supposed to be a maximum of and many times because the patient is so critical. There are so many things you have to do and chart as a legal and facility obligation in an ICU setting, and I've seen on some occasions a or ratio in ICUs some nights with extremely critical patients.

There were too many people who called in sick and no one could be pulled to the unit. This is just one example. It's really hard to put into words, and until you experience stuff like this, it seems innocuous. I worked 87 hours last week.

Next week I'm only working The hour week is not all common. Our unit has no secretary or aid. There is a lot of non-nursy things we have to do on top of the many tasks already. It's not a bed of roses, but it is what I ed up for Reactions: 6 users. Jan 11, EMDO said:.

I hate being a nurse – and 7 things you can do about it!

Last edited: Feb 6, Reactions: 5 users. Lol with overtime I was hitting k right out of school not even in Cali. Being an RN is just draining, not only do we manage patients we have a bunch of other requirements that the hospital expects us to perform. CNA, secretary or even environmental services are just some of the jobs we tap into. It is especially worse when you or short staffed or your auxiliary staff are incompetent.

So as long as you can handle the work it IS an awesome gig. Mar 31, 1, Other Health Professions Student. Most people complain about their jobs. And if you catch me on a day I'm caring for one or two drug addicts keeping me busy pushing meds or telling them why I'm not pushing meds, and having them retaliate by finding other things to do to tie me down, I'm going to have a frowny face on. If I wanted to work more weekends, I'd be sitting even better. The money is there. One key is to make yourself valuable. Get certs, fill in when they need you, jump in and help your neighbor.

Males generally have it a little better than the gals, because they can often drop stuff to get to work for some last minute extra shifts. Hard to do that when everyone at home looks to you to solve problems there in mom like fashion. That kind of weight on a nurse can wear you down and make you grumpy. You'd be surprised how fast your 3 or 4 days off fly by, especially since the 3x12's leave very little time to get done with other stuff. And 12 hour shifts usually work out to be 13 when you count pre and post shift report assuming you are a floor nurse handing off patients.

Add in travel time of half and hour to 45 minutes on each end, and that's close to 15 hours.

When I'm floating on a general medical floor, I'm running tail. You have meds to get in patients all through the shift. You have to assess everyone at intervals. Every time you walk in a room, a patient seems to ask you do something. When you are documenting all the minutiae, you are interrupted. You have other nurses asking for help, phone calls, procedures, admits, discharges, patient family, tons of questions asked of you, rounding with physicians, order changes, pharmacy changes.

Then there are patients that are decompensating in the middle of everything. Call lights, getting folks up to the bathroom, changing meal menus. Drug addicts and chronic pain sufferers, malcontents. Then, when you have someone that you'd really like to give extra time to because they are alone, scared, and possibly getting the worst news of their lives, you have someone who seems like a professional smart Alec making you run errands for them because they get off on manipulating someone "yeah, I hit my call al to get you in here to pick up the pen I dropped from my bed for the 3rd time".

ER is pretty much the same for me.

Intensive care is where I'm doing everything by myself without an aid. You have a patient on a ventilator, and another patient comes in in terrible shape from ER or surgery, and you have to get everything started. It's not all that. But if you enjoy a challenge and I doit's good stuff.

But even if you know what you are going in to, it can grate you down.

Why do most nurses seem to hate the career path they chose?

When you have the mantle of responsibility, it's different than watching someone stumble through it. Shadowing is helpful, but it's not the same beast as actually being able.

But i do think it would be helpful nonetheless. But most nurses at the bachelor level don't seem to have spent much time on a floor prior to school. I had a classmate who claimed to me that his first moment in a hospital apart from his own birth was his first day of clinical. Last edited: Feb 10, Reactions: 1 user. I've had some jobs in my life where I've said to myself things like "this is a pretty good deal for me to get paid this much for what I do".

With nursing, I don't complain about what I make and wish I made more, but I do find myself thinking things like "I earned my money today! I picked up a couple overtime shifts this week. Beat me up. Next week I'm not game for that kind of thing, but I know they will be begging me to help out. They'd rather do that than hire another employee. But there comes a point where you need to recoup, if only for your sanity. Reactions: 2 users. Jun 23, 27 0.

If you don't like the patient population, you'll be miserable. Some of the nurses are actually terrified of doing it I always find the PICU nurses right next to me and ask a million questions. I'm sure it gets annoying for them, but I always answer all their questions when they come up to the NICU and have the situation reversed.

SJC New Member.