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Best rwby fanfiction, I'd rwby seek men who wants fanfiction

Whiterose and Bumblebee. Probably the sanity-saving version of Blood Rose. It starts by rewriting the Breach.

Best Rwby Fanfiction

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The series RWBY is beloved by some and eye-rolled by others. Those who love it will point to the characters, the progressively darker tone a la Harry Potter and how all four of the main characters get the spotlight. Those that roll their eyes point to the animation style, something that turns a lot of people off, just as One Piece's can. It's an understandable complaint as the animation engine that the show uses is far less fluid and polished in comparison to most modern anime. That's where this fan art excels, creating an aesthetic that both fans of the show and detractors of the animation can enjoy. This art by Madgamer2k7 depicts all four of the characters as maidens, something that is a very real possibility by the end of the show.

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More of Ruby and Weiss being soft and sweet as they spend a rainy evening learning more about each other. Hope you all like it!

Hey all! Story Summary: When her father decides his daughter is in the way of his ambitions, Lady Weiss Schnee flees for her life. Overall Summary: When her father decides his daughter is in the way of his ambitions, Lady Weiss Schnee flees for her life. Expect my usual: a slow and steadily growing relationship between our White Rose pair even as the world around them is less than kind.

The best of rwby fanfiction

Summary: In which the fae want something from Ruby, Ruby just wants to get Weiss home safe and sound, Weiss realizes something new that will affect how she moves forward from here, and the WhiteRose bond grows even stronger.

As always, please consider leaving a comment and re-posting here on tumblr if you enjoyed it. Also, note that this is a continuous series. Giving this a boost for the weekend.

The second half of WRW Day 3. Happy reading everyone!

And Happy Holidays wherever you are! If you liked it, please consider leaving a comment and re-posting here on tumblr. Comments keep me going when I start to flounder. Hey everyone! Been quiet for a while, but I just finished this White Rose short story for a discord event!

Sanctuary chapter 4 - rain, a rwby fanfic | fanfiction

Let me know if you like it! Story Summary: No matter how much you care for someone, sometimes you can still miss the important things.

But other times, all it takes is a conversation sparked by a rock that looks like petrified bird poop to realize something is wrong and make the decision to do whatever it takes to make things better. Posts Ask me anything Archive. A stormy evening le to an opening of hearts, the sharing of hurts, and newfound feelings all around.

The next chapter of my White Rose mini-series, Sanctuary is up!

Chapter 3 for my new mini-series, Sanctuaryis up! Giving this a boost :. I hope so much that all of you enjoy this. See this in the app Show more.