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Biggest calf muscles in the world, Fatties world big guy for the

The specific body parts that are stimulated by weight training vary from person to person. Some individuals can be the total package while others have a great back or insane arms. But out of all the genetically gifted bodybuilders out there, having extremely massive and well built calves seems to be a rarity.

Biggest Calf Muscles In The World

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Yes, the founding fathers were comically obsessed with getting big calves, which were constantly on display thanks to their short pants. As it turns out, the decision to skip leg day and remain small calved might be poorly considered. Again, the larger the calf circumference, the more appendicular muscle people had the muscles that control the upper and lower limbsanother study found. The bigger the calves, the smaller the stroke risk, a study of 6, people found. Regardless of age, gender, body mass index, and other vascular risk factors, those with bigger calves had fewer fatty deposits known as plaques built up in their arteries, lowering their risk for stenosis, carotid artery disease, and strokes.

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With the dawn of the aesthetic era, dudes focus solely on building upper body and develop the deadly chicken leg syndrome.

Let's face it, training legs is indeed agonizing and tests every ounce of strength in the body. But there was one man who made the pain of leg training look easy. He developed one of the most brutal leg-training protocols which still scares but produces. We are talking about 'The Quadfather', Tom Platz, who built the best legs in bodybuilding history. Even today if someone has strong leg development, it is reckoned as Tom Platz certified legs.

Though Tom could never win the Mr. Olympia title, no one has been able to match the sheer size, muscle density and cross striated definition of his legs. What makes Tom's legs so unique is the sheer fullness in his qu, thick hamstrings and unreal conditioning. You can see every head of the quadricep muscle in his legs. Ironically, Tom was once known as the 'chicken leg guy' as he was born with a lower spine complication which inhibited him from squatting and doing sufficient leg training.

But little did he know he will be forever known for his legs.

Tom got hooked to the idea of bodybuilding at a mere age of 9, when he saw the picture of Dave Draper on a magazine cover. He recalls that moment as 'transformational', something that changed his life forever.

Tom started working out in the basement of his home with some basic equipment. By the age of 11, Tom had made up his mind that he wanted to become Mr. Universe and started studying about exercise science and training protocols.

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After working out in a basement for almost 6 years, Tom moved to Kansas city at the age of 15 to get a job as a trainer in a gym. The gym owner immediately saw Tom's potential to get in more clients and hired him as a trainer. Till the age of 17, Tom was still not squatting until a couple of big and serious lifters in his gym demonstrated the correct way to squat.

Tom could manage to get 3 sets of 10 with only 95 lbs. He began training legs but with very little intensity and volume. Later Tom moved to Detroit where he ed a gym named Armento's.

Leg day isn't just about vanity. calf circumference might be an indicator of health advantages.

This was where legs of iron were built and sculpted. Many serious Olympic weightlifters also trained in that same gym.

These weightlifters taught Tom the absolute form to squat and how to grow his skinny legs. The famous Olympic lifter Norb Schemansky helped Tom with his lower back and ankle mobility helping him squat ass to grass. Once Tom learnt to squat, there was no turning back.

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He started training with unimaginable intensities and volume. He can be seen here squatting kg for 23 reps. Here, year-old Tom can be seen squatting with some serious weights which will put young dudes to shame.

Tom Platz believed in Squatting heavy and squatting often. His ideology was pretty straight forward:. Apart from being a brutally strong and accomplished bodybuilder, Tom is also one of the most knowledgeable and sought-after fitness gurus in the industry. Tom has truly dedicated his entire life to bodybuilding and fitness.

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He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features! By Yash Sharma.

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