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Blueberry expansion comic, I'm blueberry up comic that loves expansion

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Blueberry Expansion Comic

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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex. Using tumblr with an easy, clean and efficient interface was my goal.

Years: 19
Ethnicity: Syrian
What is my hair: Gray
I like to drink: Ale
What I prefer to listen: Techno

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Featuring Stories, Comics, Pinups, and More! Foreword by DocSwell Adults Only! Foreword By DocSwell Blueberry girls. One of the few benefits of having been around forever is the ability to look backwards over a long enough series of experiences and comically bad decisions to have witnessed the paradigm shifts in the fetish landscape over a period of more than 3 decades. It started inwhen that first book was published.

Somewhere, someone read that special scene, looked at that original artwork by Joseph Schindelman and felt a comic in their loins. Rule 34 has existed in some form since long before the internet, folks. It hits a lot of potential triggers at once. You probably remember how it felt the first time you brought yourself to an awkward but intense climax while watching a girl get turned into a swollen, blue, helplessly swelling fruit.

You allowed yourself to indulge this curious feeling, that might have started as a comingling of fear and lust, like slowly clicking your way up the first hill on a blueberry coaster, and then taking off the brakes and following those feelings all the way through to heart-pounding completion by something so bizarrely outside of what you had believed should be arousing. And you probably expansion you were absolutely fucking nuts and the only one who blueberry EVER This would apply to those of us alive before expansions were a thing.

Then came the bulletin boards, followed by the interwebs. Perhaps you were messaging a friend and one of you began testing the waters of your tolerance for comic a strange idea in an RP, and then you followed it down the rabbit hole to Wonderland? Of course, you know better now. In the early aughts a couple of Yahoo and MSN groups were popping up with like-fetished individuals who were trading what tiny snippets and thoughts there were to be had. It was not a fertile landscape, but there was real desire for MOAR.

With content, the community expanded. There was a big, wet, juicy explosion of content. Gifted writers and artists with real talent dove in and created their own mythologies and created a branching tree heavy with many overripe fruits that share a common root. Collected here in this project is a sampling of exactly this sort of content that might indulge your specific cravings and maybe lead to an expansion of our little secret garden, full of fertile fruit.

She didn't think the woman would be too pleased to see her sampling the store's products without paying.


But fortunately for Stacey and her friends, she seemed to be preoccupied for the moment. So Stacey instead turned her attention back to the candy she had just consumed, savouring its fruity sweetness. What flavour did you all get? I love raspberry. I got She knew she should probably stop, but she couldn't help herself. They were just that good. Why do you ask? I dunno, kinda off.

I feel fine. Her skin had taken on a rich orange hue. We're fine! Her heart was beating rapidly, and she instinctively popped a few more of the delicious candies into her mouth to calm her nerves. The buttons on her blouse strained against her chest as her tits pushed forward, growing with a matching fervour, coming to rest against the natural shelf that her belly was becoming. Unsure what else to do, she pressed against her fattening body parts with arms that were growing as thick as the rest of her.

Blueberry expansion comics deviantart

In a matter of moments, the once curvy young woman had expanded into something that more closely resembled an exaggerated fertility idol in all but skin tone. Somebody help me! Stacey turned towards the front till, knocking a jar of jellybeans off a nearby shelf with her giant caboose. It crashed to the ground, spilling its contents against the tiled floor.

Stacey groaned with embarrassment, but that was nothing compared to the dismay she felt when she saw that the shopkeeper was no longer at her counter. Damn, where did she go!? With the increasingly rotund woman now facing away from them, the other girls all could clearly see just how big Stacey was getting. Her mammoth ass was huge, each bulging cheek as wide as Stacey had been in her entirety before her unexplained growth began, and her plumping body was keeping a matching pace. Her yoga pants were doing their best to preserve her modesty, but even the most forgiving of fabrics have their limits, and small tears were forming along the wide surface, revealing soft ass flesh, the same orange tones as her belly.

But still the panicking girl grew. She turned back to face her friends, her belly sending a box of jawbreakers tumbling to the floor. Her blouse chose at that moment to burst open, spilling her huge round belly forwards, her melon-sized tits held back only by the bravest of bras. Stacey gave a whimper and looked from girl to girl with a face that was fattening with the rest of her, her increasingly puffy cheeks giving her look of pleading an almost adorable appearance.

I can't They watched in astonishment as fine white hairs slowly sprouted along the surface of Stacey's belly, giving her orange body a fuzziness that seemed somehow Without thinking too much about what she was doing, Roz reached out and ran a hand along the expansive slope of Stacey's expansion, eliciting a surprised gasp from the comic girl.

She gave an involuntary blueberry of pleasure, her whole body jiggling slightly. Why did this feel so good? It was like those little hairs along her body were small pleasure receptors, increasing her skin's sensitivity a hundredfold.

She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, her turmoil momentarily forgotten. Twin splotches of liquid stained the white fabric of her taxed bra, while she felt a similarly sweet-smelling dampness between her meaty thighs. I dunno. Kind of like a tennis ball or something. Then her eyes went wide as recognition dawned on her. I think you're leaking peach juice! Sticky orange liquid was running down from the damp splotches on the fattened girl's bra, dribbling down the slope of her dome-like belly. Get away!


The impact shook the store, and set her body to wobbling uncontrollably. Her bra was unable to keep up with the pressures inflicted upon it by her jiggling tits, and with a soft rip it gave way, tumbling to the floor and exposing massive breasts that surged forward to rest comfortably against her belly.

The tears in her yoga pants widened and multiplied, before they too succumbed to her growth, exposing an orange ass and thighs that sported the same yellow and red splotches found on her belly. The same ones you'd find on a peach. Not a peach! The other girls all looked at her uncertainly, none of them moving to help her back on her feet. Could whatever happened to Stacey be contagious? The last thing they wanted was to get hit with a spurt of Stacey's juice and end up ing her.

Without realizing it, they backed up as one, well out of the juice's range. Stacey leaned her great bulk forward, hoping to somehow pull herself back up, and let out another gasp. Something hard rubbed against her.

And holy hell did it feel good. Like the caresses against her belly, only magnified even further. Electric currents of pleasure washed over her, and she let out a gasp, a thin line of peach-flavoured saliva running from her wet lips. The girls watched as the fine hairs on her belly spread along the surface of her peachy flesh, up her juice-slick breasts, along her swollen limbs, across her expansive ass. Everywhere those fine hairs sprouted, Stacey's body grew more sensitive to touch.

Even her fattened face took on the fuzzy texture of a peach, and she ran a hand along her own sensitive cheek before slipping a chubby finger into her mouth. All the while rocking herself backwards and forwards against the jawbreaker.

Roz looked at her in confusion. It seemed that the fuzziness that had overtaken Stacey's body was similarly enveloping her thoughts, so lost was she in the pleasure of her newly sensitive skin.

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As a growing pool of peach juice spread beneath her sloshing body, she caressed her belly and breasts with her free hand, giving little grunts and moans of pleasure. The other girls looked at each other, unsure what to say or do. Every nerve in her body was alight with unbridled pleasure.

As she gave in to the feelings, her body swelled further with peachy sweetness. Her hands were able to caress less and less of her rounding body as her fat limbs began to sink into her growing mass, but she barely noticed. All she cared about was how delicious it felt to be filled with flavour. To grow big and juicy, a perfect pea