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The cast stars in the new Shadows of Evil map for the Zombies mode. Born into enormous wealth, the magician grew up surrounded by lackeys and sycophants… and a lifetime of constant praise and attention has only fueled his deeply misplaced arrogance.

Bo3 Characters Zombies

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Unlike the single-player campaign, which is set in the future, Black Ops 3 's zombies mode will be set in the s, Treyarch said, and will feature era-appropriate weapons, like vintage machine guns. But it will also feature more fantastic weapons, like a rocket-powered riot shield, according to a trailer shown at Comic-Con. Players will shoot down hordes of '40s era zombies and massive mutant creatures, like a three-headed, tentacled beast. Players will be able to purchase upgrades in the mode, from what appears to be a Pack-A-Punch gumball machine that doles out special abilities.

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The eponymous and omnipresent enemy of the game-mode. Zombies are human corpses reanimated by Element in the Aether storyline and Prima Materia in the Chaos storyline, Bo3 them under the thrall of the mysterious Demonic Announcer. Their health, speed and s increase with every round in a match until players are inevitably overwhelmed. Flaming, zombified hounds created character Samantha Maxis' pregnant dog was placed in a teleporter. They are the second most recurring enemy in the game mode after the zombies themselves. Also known as Crawler Zombies or Creepy Crawlers, Nova Six Crawlers are failed experiments imbued with toxic gas which is released when the Crawler dies, dealing explosive damage and leaving a lingering cloud that blur's the player's vision.

Moon features a variation that can teleport and perform a leaping attack in low-gravity areas. Die Rise features the more unique Jumping Jack, which forgoes deadly gas in favor extremely enhanced mobility. See Other Characters. Pint-sized primates infected with Element appear in two different maps, displaying very different abilities each time. The Space Monkeys in Ascension have their own special round, where they will attempt to remove the players perks by attacking the Perk-A-Cola machines.

The Zombie Monkeys in Shangri-La will appear whenever a power-up drop spawns and attempt to carry it zombie of the map. A skeletal, flaming zombie that explodes into a pile of napalm upon dying or getting close to the player.

For tropes relating more to Avogadro's original identitysee Other Characters. Also known as Screechers.

Diminutive gremlins that are abundant in the foggy areas of Hanford, WA in In life, he was the Warden of Alcatraz, but now he serves an eternal sentence as the guardian of the Alcatraz purgatory. For more information, see his folder in Other Characters.

Gruesome, hulking plant monsters and leftover byproducts of Division 9's research. Giant, mutated inhabitants of the Pacific island where Division 9 corrupted the water supply with Element An even larger mother spider serves as a mid-boss for Zetsubou No Shima. A species of ancient, extinct beasts resurrected by Group and Division 9 for use as living weapons. Dragons serve more as an environmental hazard than a regular enemy type in Gorod Krovibut ignoring them will only result in being roasted alive.

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One of them serves as part of the character egg boss fight, and another as a form of transportation to the Pack-a-Punch. Undead Russian soldiers who have outfitted zombie cybernetics and advanced weaponry, including an Arm Cannon and wrist-mounted sickles. A dark coloured, quadruped Apothicon enemy, and one of their basic foot soldiers alongside Bo3 Margwas. The main and most prevalent special enemy type in the Chaos story, Catalysts are elemental variations of normal zombies that each possess a unique ability; Fire Catalysts explode when near the player, Electric Catalysts blind the player with a scream, Acid Catalysts surround themselves with a poisonous cloud and Water Catalysts buff regular zombies, increasing their health and damage.

A large, hazmat-suit wearing zombie that can throw radioactive balls and split into two when their health bar is depleted. A rotting, fleshy giant which appears starting from the third Assault Round of Firebase Zas well as during its main quest.

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Get Known if you don't have an. Zombie Appearances : All maps.

Nova Six Crawler. The Pentagon Thief. George A. Romero See Other Characters. Napalm Zombie.

Napalm Zombie Appearances : Shangri-La. Shrieker Zombie.

Shrieker Zombie Appearances : Shangri-La. Astronaut Zombie. Astronaut Zombie Appearances : Moon.

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Denizen of the Forest. Denizen of the Forest Appearances : Tran Zit. Ghost Women.

Ghost Women Appearances : Buried. Margwa Appearances : Shadows of Evil Revelations. Appearances : Shadows of Evil Revelations. Insanity Elemental. Insanity Elemental Appearances : Shadows of Evil. Thrasher Appearances : Zetsubou No Shima. Russian Mangler. Valkyrie Drone. Valkyrie Drone Appearances : Gorod Krovi. Apothicon Fury. Stoker Appearances : Voyage of Despair. Destroyer and Marauder Appearances : IX.

Tiger Appearances : IX. Nosferatu Appearances : Dead of the Night. Werewolf Appearances : Dead of the Night. Gegenes Appearances : Ancient Evil.

Spartoi Appearances : Ancient Evil. Megaton Appearances : Die Maschine Outbreak.

Dememted Echoes. Mimic Appearences : Firebase Z Outbreak. Tempest Appearences : Outbreak Mauer der Toten.

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Disciple Appearences : Mauer der Toten Outbreak. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?