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Bobs burgers louise and logan, Burgers louise seek and especially Bobs nsa

Linda struggles to connect with Louise when they attend a mother-daughter seminar, while Bob takes Tina to get her legs waxed.

Bobs Burgers Louise And Logan

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Louise Belcher on Bob's Burgers has a few defining characteristics. She's known as an intelligent, stubborn, manipulative and occasionally dangerous .

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When it comes to adult animated comedies, Bob's Burgers is certainly underrated when compared to heavy-hitters like The Simpsons or Family Guy. Its humor is absolutely stupendous, as well as immensely unique. Fans of the series have also grown quite enamored with the cast of characters, as they are not only funny, but also quite relatable.

The connection between the members of the Belcher family is also admirable, even if they certainly have been through a lot of conflict. Yet, even with all of this being so, there are a lot of opportunities that have been missed when it comes to potential friendships between characters. This is the case with all television shows really, but, if the writers were to explore building new relationships between them, it would be quite beneficial.

There are characters who possess a lot of similar qualities that actually could make them get along well. Sure, Bob and Jimmy Pesto are massive rivals, as they have competing businesses.

However, once taking a deeper dive into their characters, it is quite apparent that they also possess a lot of similarities. In another timeline, perhaps the two actually could have found common ground and become good friends. Setting their differences aside, they actually would be an intriguing pair to follow as close friends, as they are both strong family men. A potential friendship between Linda and Philip has always been there, but it has yet to come to fruition.

Although Philip is a bit more reserved than Linda, the two are certainly in touch with their and other characters' feelings. Thus, their mutual level of empathy would make them be pretty decent friends if utilized properly in the series. There certainly have been some nice moments between the two, but not enough to justify classifying them as friends.

Jimmy Jr. However, a friendship between him and Gene would be great to see, as they both are big fans of music.

Sure, Gene is more known for singing and playing, while Jimmy Jr. Their mutual love for the arts would be awesome to see explored more in future episodes, as there is a lot they could go with. Louise and Logan had a very bad start with one another, as the latter bullied her by taking away her bunny ears hat. Once this situation was resolved, it would have been kind of intriguing to see the two cause havoc with each other, as they both are quite rebellious.

A friendship between these two would be a longshot because of how they were introduced. However, it is a fun idea to think about, as Louise definitely could use a friend who could match her desire to cause chaos.

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They did briefly have a connection with one another, but more of a friendship between Tina and Darryl would be stellar to see. The two are kind of similar in the fact that they are a bit socially awkward.

Darryl also is just a very funny character, so mixing him up with Tina could provide some truly hilarious moments. Tina does not seem to have a lot of continuous friends, so having these two get closer would be great for the series. Louise and Tammy would actually be a pretty good match as friends. There are certainly a lot of negative aspects about Tammy's characterespecially the fact that she has been bad to Tina in the past. However, they actually are kind of similar in the fact that they both have strong personalities. Maybe hanging out with Louis more would make Tammy far less annoying, as Louise definitely can make people become more reserved with her toughness.

Tina and Henry definitely are an intriguing duo as friends, but the show has not put them together nearly enough. They did have an episode where the plot followed them, but, other than that, their connection has been rather scarce.

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They are both pretty geeky characters who aren't the best when it comes to social settings, too. Thus, it seems that the two were destined to be best friends. However, it simply has not come to fruition at this said juncture. Bob and Mr. Fischoeder have had interactions with one another a good amount in the series. In fact, Mr. Fischoeder seems to genuinely enjoy interacting with Bob for the most part.

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There have been some bumps along the way between the two, but, overall, a friendship would work. Bob is a businessman who could use some advice from somebody with a lot of experience like Mr. Simultaneously, Bob also could be a good influence on him when it comes to exercising his moral compass more. Due to his affinity to gross stuff like farts, it is rather shocking that Gene has not developed much of a friendship with Zeke in this series. Zeke is certainly very abrasive, but they are young boys who actually have more in common with each other than they realize.

Zeke is a character who is around the Belchers a decent amount too, so it is rather shocking that the two have not had many interactions.


A friendship, even if minor, could have provided a lot of lighthearted humor for the series. Sure, they used to be engaged, but a friendship between Linda and Hugo honestly would have made sense. Hugo has caused a lot of trouble with Bob when it comes to the restaurant due to his jealousy, but maybe Linda being friends with Hugo could have made this happen far less often. It is definitely hard to be with friends with somebody you used to be romantically linked with. However, due to Linda's big heart and caring personality, it could have worked on her end.

Hugo, on the other hand, would be a bit of a wildcard on that front. Michael DeRosa is a freelance writer currently based in the Boston area.

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