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Bogota strip clubs, I strip like seek guy that clubs Bogota

The country of Colombia has developed a reputation for numerous things that most would view as negative but for some reason it not really known for its commercial sex scene. Perhaps the memory of the cartels looms so large that its shadow blocks out the large adult entertainment industry even though that industry has become world famous thanks to some international scandals.

Bogota Strip Clubs

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All the students were out of class and ready to start the weekend. We walked down the stairs and into the club. Within 20 minutes of getting our drinks and finding a table, we were surrounded. I looked at my three friends — none of us were going anywhere.

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I had the afternoon off from work and decided to check out the well known Las Paises bar in the Santa Fe district.

I got the cab to drop me off at Las Paises bar. Plenty of action in the street, girls waiting in almost every doorway. So I went on in.

The bar is deep with a long stage in the center, and chairs on either side. Girls can dance on the table. But unfortunately it was almost empty, afternoon seems not to be the right time.

So if left and watched which of the bars in the area were having a decent of men entering and leaving. I tried two of them, and will give each a full write up. These are both great places for an afternoon visit, both without any problems and so far as I can see fully safe.


. Las Paisas is one of the best strip clubs in Bogota!

I have been to Bogota several times for work and pleasure and every single time I have visited Las Paisas. The club itself is pretty much a long room not very large with only one raised, long dancing area down the middle and tables and chairs arranged along both sides. It's safe and of couse, the dollar goes a long way.

NOW, the women in this place are smoking hot! You get two dances with a purchase of a bottle.

You have every single type of women there from slim to curvy to Sofia Vergara-type to comic book-type and on. The second floor opens into a hotel where you can take any dancer and have amazing sex for 35dls for 20 mins but of course you can negotiate for more time.

I can't stress enough that women here are gorgeous, not a posh club but great for any gentleman looking to leave a little something in South America. Toggle lustnames. now.


Paisas Club 2 reviews Add review. Dancers Etnicity : Latina.

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