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Boys with long nails, Dancer with seeking long to boy

As a fellow guy, trimmed fingernails have always seemed to be Hygienebut I seem to be seeing more and more guys with abnormally long fingernails or maybe it's just sticking out in my brain more. I get it if you're a guitar player, but you can usually tell those individuals, as there's usually hardener or lacquer of some sort.

Boys With Long Nails

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It's not your nails, you're just a sick, disgusting fuck. Read what you wrote. You call your mother that, as well? I know this post is old but thought I would add to it. M28 I have, and have had long finger nails on my right hand for over 4 years. I play flamenco guitar and without them would not be able to get the same sound!

Age: 33
What is my ethnicity: Ukranian
Caters to: I prefer gentleman
Hair: I've crisp fair hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
My figure type: Slim
What is my hobbies: Travelling

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Latest activity. Install the app. Straight Men with Long Fingernails. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Mar 7, Messages 2, Reactions 6, Alleybux Let's say you're interested in a man and his fingernails are as long or longer than yours, is that a turnoff? Does it make them seem feminine or does it not bother you? ed Mar 18, Messages 36, Reactions8, 16, AlleybuxY'all are weird. ed Jan 31, Messages Reactions 6, 59 Alleybux 0.

ed Feb 10, Messages 2, Reactions 28, Alleybux 69, ed Feb 3, Messages 12, Reactions2, 1, Alleybux 46, Black Man Handbook says they have to have that one long pinky nail. ed Apr 8, Messages 11, Reactions 94, 2, 3, AlleybuxCunny said:. Click to expand ed Aug 5, Messages 1, Reactions 6, 38 Alleybux 7, Nahhhhh, I really don't even want a man with nails to look in my direction honestly.

ed Feb 23, Messages 57, Reactions10, 8, AlleybuxLola Granola. ed Aug 13, Messages Reactions 1, 26 11 Alleybux 34, ed Dec 29, Messages 3, Reactions 27, Alleybux 63, It bothers me a great deal and is actually a dealbreaker for me. I always notice if a guy has long fingernails. ed Aug 18, Messages 28, Reactions7, 7, AlleybuxI hate when these muthafuckaz have that shit over my food fixing shit.

This should be banned for men and women. Seeing long nails make me itch. I always keep mine trimmed. Elisa Maza. ed Mar 9, Messages 5, Reactions 21, 56 AlleybuxLotusRose said:.

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Lordfunkbox said:. That's for cocaine use. Custard Tart. ed Dec 9, Messages 8, Reactions1, Alleybux 16, I feel triggered t the thought of long fingernails on a man Last edited: Feb 3, ed Jul 22, Messages 10, Reactions 68, 1, Alleybux 6, That's some dirty dick downlow shit.

They're never just long, either. They are also going to have little dirt crescent moons under them and they will be jagged.

Like little daggers. I was set up with my mom's friend's grand son lol. He picked me up. He was cute, nice and i was told he's very intelligent. Fair enough. But i saw them long nails in the car when he picked me up, and unbeknownst to him, he was instantly friend-zoned. I still went for my free meal, none of which was shared between us.

Boys and new craze for long nails

ed Oct 15, Messages 9, Reactions 69, 83 AlleybuxTheCakeIsALie said:. Looks like I need a talk with my dad. Elisa Maza said:. And why can't you say, friend?

ed Apr 20, Messages 9, Reactions1, Alleybux 83, That's an instant dealbreaker. I don't care how rich and fine he is. Long finger nails make men look hideous.

ed May 7, Messages 25, Reactions1, 1, Alleybux 12, Never been with a guy with long nails. I've only known gay guys with them. ed Sep 5, Messages 39, Reactions8, 1, Alleybux 1,, Nah it's creepy ed Sep 14, Messages 1, Reactions 12, 83 Alleybux 88, Why did I just cross my legs extra hard?!

Can you imagine if Definitely a turnoff. ed Nov 15, Messages 2, Reactions 12, AlleybuxI don't want my man's nails longer than mine, and mine are kept short because longer ones get in my way. I don't like men with long hair or long nails I wonder what Diddy's look like; didn't he used to brag about getting his manicures?

But I guess I can sorta, kinda, sorta understand Matthew McConoughey's, because he's a huge star he's pressured to always look picture-perfect.

ed Jul 8, Messages 19, Reactions2, 1, AlleybuxI saw long fingernails on this one guy and told him about himself and why were they long His ass went right in the bathroom, picked up some finger nail clippers and got busy cutting them things off.