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Some of you may not be aware of what they do but there are two simple things to know: the athletes who compete at the level of the Games are incredibly strong and they have killer physiques.

Brooke wells’s top 10 instagram posts

Take Brooke Wells for instance. Inshe placed 8th. Plus she has a growing followingevidenced by her 1 million Instagram followers. Check them out for yourself. Started the day with some technique focused rowing.

Then we went straight to the track for a tough, but very fun interval workout.


Brooke, who trains back home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, says she loves being with the group during Games Camp. CrossFit training combines several disciplines. Wellll first of all, I eat a lot! Most importantly, I eat good quality foods- and to be more specific, I count my macros. No one wants to work with a hangry Brooke?

Everyone is different, so working with a coach is very helpful to lead you in the right direction. Wells may not compete as a bodybuilder but she certainly eats like one.

Brooke wells is serious about preparing for the crossfit games. see why she's one of the top contenders.

Chicken, rice, and sweet potatoes. That sounds like a meal you may have had once or twice, right?

My favorite way to get some blood flow without working very hard? The CompexMini makes it super easy to take with me everywhere, so you can always find me in between sessions like this? Electronic muscle stimulation is a popular form of warmup and recovery, and that applies to athletes across all sports including the CrossFit community. Wells makes the most out of her rest days. CompTrain Earned?

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Men and women may not compete against each other in competition, but they certainly train together and Wells clearly makes a great training partner. Working hard to be MY best. She did 13 ring muscle-ups in less than a minute. Have you ever done 13 muscle-ups…at all? Your potential is limitless. Barbells, assault bikes, and toes-to-bar work. Just a litttttle taste of what butterybros just dropped???

There is not a better crew to hangout with, I can tell you that! Go check it out for yourself. Link in bio???

Listen to the workout Wells and her partner are doing and imagine how much their shoulders have to be burning by the end. Thrusters followed by handstand walks are sure to burn the delts. Do not underestimate 45 plate pushes let me tell yaaaa, OUCH.

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If you haven't already, head over to the CompTrain store to get your Grunt Work shirts and tanks before presale ends on Wednesday. Link in bio.

Plate pushes challenge the legs, arms, and core. Carrying sandbags challenges everything as any strongman competitor will tell you.

There is a lot of variety to her training. Olympic lifting?

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The snatch will work the entire body and can assist Wells on various other movements she has to do from squats to handstands and many others. Her form is on point, too.

From training to shopping, one of boxing's best breaks down her regimen by the hour. Photos Brooke Wells talks dominating CrossFit, breaking s The year-old CrossFit star is just like the rest of us—kind of.

Brooke banner instagram

Read article. View this post on Instagram. You probably squat, but do you overhead squat?

Clearly leg day is not a problem for her. Written by Roger Lockridge. Related Articles. Thank you for ing up. Your information has been successfully processed! I want content for Muscle and Fitness Promotions. Muscle and Fitness Hers Promotions. Follow us Facebook Twitter Youtube Pinterest. More news.