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Bud leaf tattoos, Bud looking up men that tattoo leaf

Are you a rastaman? Do you love to smoke weed and you are on the lookout for some amazing weed tattoo ideas? If so, you will appreciate this article.

Bud Leaf Tattoos

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Marijuana enthusiasts have been celebrating it for decades before it was made legal. The passion for all things "weed" has inspired many works of art, including weed inspired tattoos.

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Tattoos can be tricky to pull off without looking corny, especially certain concepts and styles.

I can understand why a person could find themselves crippled with indecision at the ink shop. Shockingly, however, there really are ways to nail minimalist and classy pot-friendly tattoos.

I know, it seems impossible, but hear me out. I can think of close to one million ideas on how to totally fail on the weed tattoo front.

They might be hilarious ideas, but likely not a thing you'd want on your skin until you die and into the afterlife. It still makes me a bit sad to think about now.

Even though I am so far away from it years later, that person almost definitely has it on him still and will forever. It doesn't have to be this way, guys.

In artfully displaying your own pride, you don't have to be so obvious or straightforward. The key is nuance and specializing the de to fit your personality.

Maybe that dude's personality is personified hot peppers, but I sincerely doubt it. Here's some other, way better ideas for classy weed tattoos for all you adorable stoners out there:. It's subtle, yet says it all.

Well, it hits all the chemical components at least and definitely scores points for discretion. This de takes a hard twist on the classic green leaf.

Best tattoos: top 10 weed inspired tattoos

The watercolor approach with a highly stylized psychedelic feel works really well. Here's another awesome example with a little less color variation:.

This one is simple, too, embracing a really basic sketch of the shape. I feel like the placement of this de is crucial: gotta keep in mostly hidden.

Funny cartoon inspired weed tattoo over forearm

That way, when it peaks out it's like a little surprise. By Beca Grimm.

Here's some other, way better ideas for classy weed tattoos for all you adorable stoners out there: The nerdy stoner. See All Health Relationships Self.