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Cafe con piernas chile, Thai chile seek boy piernas for con

Cafe Con Piernas has become famous among locals and foreigners alike.

Cafe Con Piernas Chile

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This can literally be translated as "Coffee with legs". Well, it is just like a stand up coffee shop though the ladies that serve you the coffee happen to be wearing as little clothing as is legally possible. This includes bikinis, g-strings or some other type of provocative underwear. You may think of this as "Coffee with a view". The view happens to be some attractive lady in skimpy clothing.

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It was 11 a.

I had just 24 hours to explore the city and my two local hosts, Rodrigo and Jorge, had promised a whirlwind tour. I lingered at the brightly lit bar watching women in thigh-baring uniforms sling caffeinated beverages to a predominantly male clientele. Intrigued, I suggested we head somewhere less upmarket.

The story goes that servers in short skirts were meant to attract customers into the new Italian-style espresso shops springing up in downtown Santiago, in a country fond of instant coffee. It closed down in I shouted my order over the raging dance music before settling into the last free nook in a cramped room.

Servers strutted about in barely-there bikinis and heels so high my feet ached at the sight of them. The place resembled a daytime strip club, but with caffeine instead of cocktails, and flirting rather than dancing. The server who brought me my coffee laughed, and told me the men were likely to run into their bosses inside one.

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Author: Nina Boys. Coffee in Santiago It was 11 a. I took a sip of my espresso.

In Chile, Foraging the Future Despite its incredible bounty, Chile is better known for hot dogs than haute cuisine. Featured City Guides. More Guides.