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Catwoman Body Swap

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There have been lots of different interpretations of Batman over the years. Perhaps you grew up watching the campy Adam West series, or maybe you're a fan of the gruff and gritty Christian Bale films. Thanks to his iconic appearance, which suggests his creator followed our character de tips, the Caped Crusader easily lends himself to variation without being lost. However we doubt you've even seen him as he appears in a hilarious model swap video that's been doing the rounds recently on social media. In the viral clip, the character models of Batman and Catwoman from the game Batman: Arkham Knight are swapped, revealing their underlying gender stereotypes. Or, to put it in layman's terms, Batman transforms from a stoic and moody hero into a flirtatious femme fatale.

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Here's a sometimes unfortunate truth about video games: specific animations are often coded to male or female characters.

There's a sort of sassy walk and waist wiggle you've probably seen models of women, like say Catwoman, possess in various games. It's probably most obvious, however, when folks mod these games and, instead, give those animations to men, like say Batman. In fact, it makes the whole interaction downright hilarious.

Now, to preface all this, there's a good chance you've seen this exact model swap before. Batman: Arkham Knightthe game it's in, has been out on PC for some time, and the actual clip that's making the rounds is at least over a year old. In a full video based around these sort of model swaps, which you can check out below, Batman's model swaps onto Catwoman around the mark, and it's truly a sight and sound to behold.

Regardless, it is, actually, very funny to watch. Are you the kind of person to load a game up with mods?

Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at rollinbishop to talk all things gaming! You can check out all of our coverage of the Batman-based video game right here. Comments 1.