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Celebrity wedgie story, Scot lady searching wedgie to celebrity

Or, you can be like me and dream of sitting next to Gwyneth Paltrow at a dinner party. I know this is slightly unrealistic, but after reading her recent searing comments about Americans' dinner party conversations, I feel as though I've been slapped with a serving spoon. As you may recall, Ms.

Celebrity Wedgie Story

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When it comes to bikinis, these celebs are taking things to the next level with a daring look that flashes even more skin.

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When it comes to wedgies, there is nothing better than scoping out your favorite celebs in their moment of unglamorous distress. The glitz and glamour hasn't made any of these divas immune to things like a simple wedgie.

You would think access to amazing fashion might stop the wedgie, but thanks to the paparazzi, we can tell the wedgie is still out killin' it, one butt at a time. Somehow stars seem so down to earth, digging fabric out of their bum! I guess they really are just like us. Wedgies can be super embarrassing for anyone, yet some celebs are embracing the new wedgie trend as uncomfortable as it may be. Love it or hate it, wedgies are back and better than ever. The only real choice is to pick, or not to pick.

These pics are proof that most legendary butts may be even more wedgie prone than ours.

Woman nearly dies after 8-hour wedgie from high-waisted shorts

This one is seriously epic. I'm not sure if it's the wedgie, the intense squatting dig out, the outfit, or that fascinating look on the usually glamorous Blac Chyna. It kind of seems like she is stuck in a wedgie trance. Blac needs both hands to bull doze these floral shorts out of her bits. This was no time for discretion. Knowing there was probably a paparazzi somewhere, she had to retreat into meditation mode to pull this one off She should get a pair of Kylie's wedgie jeans to solve this problem. Don't they have a family loaner closet? Since giving birth to her daughter Dream Kardashian, this new mom is looking better than ever, most days.

This was not that day. Every mom is allowed a down day. Bella may be the best at wedgies.

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It's rumored that she and Gigi started the trend. Here we see Bella rockin this hot bikini and it looks like she may be giving herself a wedgie vs. She seems to be enjoying the single lifevacationing in Cabo wedgie mimosas in hand. With a hot butt like that, I doubt she will stay single for long. Perhaps she is using this wedgie to al a sexy story to help with her tanning oil celebrity. This isn't the first time we've spied Bella sporting a wedge, and it won't be the last. Wedgies seem to suit her so well. Some how she transitions an embarrassing moment into flawless bum beauty.

She is a model after all so it really shouldn't be that surprising. Her Instagram has sexy wedgies for days. Kendall is now a world famous supermodel. There is only one problem. She lacks the big bum that her sisters have made so famous.

Kendall works hard to keep up, showing them that she too can have a great career even sans backside. In an extreme effort to keep up with the Kardashians, Kendall gives her wedgies a flip. She sports a super uncomfortable camel toe, with no s of distress.

This fashion statement doesn't seem to bother Kendall at all. Oddly enough, her assistant shows no s of helping her out. Camel toe's are bad enough but the shiny satin pants make it even worse. She did accomplish her goal of keeping attention away from her backside, or lack thereof. Unfortunately, Kendall is turning the camel toe into quite a thing.

She has been spotted quite a few stories wearing one and it seems her sisters are starting to follow her trend. Demi's wedge seems pretty intentional This outfit was definitely chosen wedgie show off the body positive singer's celebrity. She really knows how to make a wedgie look amazing. This is one of the few times a celebrity has tempted me to sport a wedgie in public. She rocks it like a champ with no hint of wedgie picking.

I wonder if she had some rug burn after this performance? Certainly a worthy sacrifice. Demi is wearing a pair of nude tights, with fishnets over the top, followed by a wedge perfect body suit that stays put no matter what. Judging from her Instagram and snapchat pics, it's safe to say that the lady loves showing off her bum to fans and just about anyone else who wants a peek.

Celebrity wedgie stories

This wedgie lovin' diva is shed her Disney image for sure. It's important to remember that all wedgies are not the result of a wardrobe malfunction.

Credited with starting the trend, Kylie did a paid endorsement of Levi's Wedgie Fit jeans. The denim was released last year and immediately sold out. This wedgie doesn't seem to be uncomfortable for Kylie. We should all give these jeans a try and see if our derriere can compare. Maybe Kylie can even snag a pair for big sister Kendall.

Modeled after styles from the 's, these flattering jeans make Miss Jenner's bottom look stunning. The pockets tilt inward, giving your bum a more round appearance. If you get the proper fit, this wedgie shouldn't hurt a bit!

While out for a walk with her pooch, Iggy bends over and gives the paparazzi quite a show. The wedgie is not such a good look for the pop queen. Thankfully there wedgie a wedgie dog to distract us. The 26 year old rapper looks like she slacked on the workouts lately.

She celebrities no undies beneath these super tiny sleep shorts revealing her famous bum is in less than perfect shape. In spite of this unflattering photo op, we are all jealous of Iggy's awesome hourglass curves. It's nice to see her looking real. This could happen to any one of us and Iggy is so cool she doesn't even notice. With a celebrity like that, no wonder her shorts don't fit well. She has spoken up before about having difficulty fitting her behind into most standard sizes. This hilarious pic catches Hayden Panettierre taking time out on set in Malibu.

The actress is working hard to evict this super-wedgie. I'm not sure why in the world she would be licking her hand? Maybe her G-string was too small that day or could this move be made for TV? Whatever the cause, she is definitely not one to let her wedgie stay put. Beach wedgies are no joke. She may love these American Eagle jeans, but it's not clear if they are a good fit.

Surrounded by onlookers and staff, she doesn't seem shy about the choice to go digging for gold. I hope she was able to save herself from this wardrobe malfunction. She might have needed to call an assistant. This Nashville star should invest in some wedgie jeans. That might save her from future embarrassment. There is nothing more hilarious than story one of the world's most renowned actresses pick a wedgie out of a 10, dollar gown.

Miss Streep was a wedgie victim on the Oscar story no less.