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Wayne has been upset ever since he was asked to vacate a recent Miami Heat gameand took his anger out by specifically blasting Miami Heat players during his performance in front of a large crowd of people. He went a step further by throwing a major low-blow at Chris Bosh by claiming that he slept with his wife, Adrienne Williams Bosh.

Chris Bosh Wife Booty

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I have to say I've read this before and enough is enough. First off: I never drove and "wedge" in between her and my son's dad. Second: Adrienne harassed me and made a hate against via myspace- all he while I was 6 months pregnant.

Thirdly: She came into our lives as if I was the women he met at a club, got pregnant, and tried to trap him. She con he way into Dionne's life because that's her profession.

She ruined my son's first birthday party, she wrecked my life with the man I was with at the time she came around for 11 years. Now whether or not she's Bosh's beard it wouldn't surprise me either way. She's used to being someone she's not-awesome actress btw.

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Take a Gander at this! First Lil Wayne announces to a packed crowd that he has had a sexual relationship with Adrienne Bosh.

Chris bosh's wife not phased by lil wayne's nba all-star diss

Our sources are talking, and allegedly Adrienne Bosh has a background in dance…the naked type of dancing if you know what we mean. This is what our source allege about Mrs. Bosh, formerly know as Adrienne Williams excuse errorsactual s.

Adrienne moved from Ohio to Cali when she was There she met Lil Wayne, followed him to Louisiana and dated him while he was with Toya. She then moved to NY from there to Atlanta. Remember she is still sleeping with Lil Wayne, every time he came to Atlanta. home

She has a younger half sister and Father that live in Gwinnett County Ga in an apartment. She started working a Scores as a waitress when she met Chris. The story about her and Chris not hanging out for a month after they met is true.

Simply because she was still living with Dion at the time. Move forward a few months, she meets his family cause Chris grandma died. So he asked Adrienne to marry him, goes on all these family shows and she spre love peace and happiness. Sarah aka she suppose to be a singer?!

Is a rich girl from NY that Adrienne kept around for all the hook-ups on things.


I think she had she with Wade and they are keeping it under wraps. So much for that.

Well this is my story. Our source also alleges that not only has Mrs. The good life also includes some butt implants!

Check out an old back shot of Adrienne and you let us know what you think. Or we can just ask Wayne! We are sure he remembers them old cakes.

Dang Adrienne…we were really proud of how you had taken the high road when it came to this situation. Now we see why you kept your mouth closed and never clapped back.

Chris bosh’s wife got ass implants?

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