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Chuck e cheese sucks, I chuck up suck who loves grabbing

Well thank god I live in England and they never opened them over here haha.

Chuck E Cheese Sucks

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Because it's for kids, and the last thing a 7 year old is going to complain about is the quality of service or food when there are flashing lights and noises filling the air. Its the real life five nights at freddies.

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One for the Stock Parodies : an obvious pastiche of Chuck E. Cheese'sa combination pizza restaurant and "family fun" center.

It's the home of arcade games, ball pits, subpar pizza, and costumed and animatronic characters from the depths of the Uncanny Valley. A fun place for kids? More like a Fate Worse than Death for parents. The chain was created by Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari. It reached its heyday between the 80s and 90s, but also suffered bad publicity as a hunting ground for sexual predators and, more recently, as a stomping ground for adult brawls.

It has inspired a of knock-offs throughout the country which have gone into similar decline. Similar properties exist outside the US, including the UK's Wacky Warehousethough they rarely make their way into media.

No, it's not because i just love animatronic bands and bad pizza.

Cheese's used the name of Showbiz Pizza, which was the name of their matrix company in the States before converting all their locations into Chuck E. Cheese's instead. Unlike in the U. Cheese's equivalents had, other than the franchise having died in Mexico in the 90s, albeit it still exists in the Middle East to this date. Cheese's would open in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes in However, to some there is still a nostalgia for Chuck E.

Cheese's and Showbiz Pizza Place, so much that in springan arcade bar for adults opened up in Kansas City, Missouri home of the first Showbiz Pizza Place in featuring a working Rockafire Explosion animatronic bandjust as Showbiz did, however it closed as quickly as it opened, with a planned move to the far-more tourist-friendly Branson, Missouri in Development Hell. Note that not all examples are terrible; some are rather awesome and kids will do anything to go there.

May still qualify as hell-on-earth for their hapless parents and the equally hapless teenage employeesthough. On the other hand, some of them go beyond "unpleasant" and become downright life-threatening. The barnyard-themed Suck E. Cheese's from "Rugrats. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an. Is this a pizza place, or like Comic Books. This was such a craptacular job Tim suspected Ives was being abused. To no surprise whatsoever, every single fanfic based off of Five Nights at Freddy's and all of its sequels.

It comes with the territory. To somewhat greater surprise, the Just Another Night at Freddy's series introduced a second one in the form of Pizza Baron: a badly-planned, badly-executed ripoff of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that uses stereo types, bizarre, made-up instruments and awful animatronics that barely count as interactive.

Needless to say, when the guys running it kidnap Foxy to use him in their show, the resulting shitfest note One that actually gets someone killed, no less, only speeds up their inevitable failure. Films — Animated. According to the DVD Commentarythe goal was to de a cheese place so cool that they just had to build it.

And they did! Tragically, the real version wasn't as cool as the version seen in the film, consisting of a pizza counter and the same arcade games to be found all over the resort. Disneyland Paris also features a Pizza Planet with a suck better execution. A Goofy Movie had a tourist trap called "Lester's Possum Park" that was partly this and partly a self-deprecating reference to the Country Bear Jamboree at the Disney theme parks; and to top it off, he plants a possum mascot hat atop his son's head much to Max's apparent humiliation.

An alternate opening for The Mitchells vs. All of the arcade attack their players, and the happy animatronic mouse descends upon the customers until the Mitchells drive through and decapitate it. Films — Live-Action. Cheese, except that it seems to focus more on ice cream than pizza. Subverted in that it seems to be a pretty cool place. In Hot Tub Time MachineAdam tells a story about how his father and several others died of salmonella poisoning after going to The Enchanted Forest of Pizza, a fantasy-themed pizza place. The Hug : The short is set in Pandory's Pan Pizza Palace, which, while it certainly has games and pizza, has only one animatronic, Pandory.

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And he eats any kid who gets too close to him. Just Go with It has J. McFunnigan's, with an orange kangaroo mascot. Bonus points for featuring the actual robots of the Rockafire Explosion, the animatronic band that played at Showbiz Pizza Place restaurants in the 80s. Made ends with a birthday party at an unnamed Suck E. Cheese's restaurant.

Rickie criticizes a costumed employee for arriving only after the children have all left for the arcade, then offers him a bribe to go away.

There's Woody Woodchuck's in The Pacifier. It does not look like a very fun place to be. Kids screaming and fighting, the employees wearing terrible-looking around-the-head braces Shane : And they say war is hell. She's Rompin' Ratty; there's plenty of gory details. Greg has a traumatic experience trying to get his little brother out of the playground. An earlier book featured an unnamed one of these where Rowley had his birthday party at.

It comes to a screeching halt when Greg uncovers a kid who wasn't invited in the ballpit — it transpires he was from an earlier party and nobody had found him in there, forcing the staff to try and track down his parents!

Forever Amber Brown has a Type 2 example. Justin and Amber visit Say Cheese. Although they do offer very cheesy pizza, which Amber and Justin get and enjoy, they also offer pretty much anything else with cheese you can think of; burritos, cheesecakes, Cheese Doodles, dumplings, etc. The food is good, the games are high-tech and fun, and there are displays where kids can have their pictures taken and pretend to be in various scenes, like aliens in space.

It's actually considered quite good, probably due to having been created by a Mad Scientist with a mascot the titular Gerty who's a foot-tall anthropomorphic robot goat that makes great pizza and is a "weapon of mass friendship. Live-Action TV. That's So Raven featured one of these.

Raven even ended up having to disguise herself as an animatronic pirate. Sister, Sister had Buck E. Duck for an episode which had the twins taking their SATs House opened one episode with the Patient of the Week working in such a hellhole to earn a living for him and his parentless siblings. No wonder he wanted to perpetuate his illness so that his siblings would be taken into foster care. All That had "Stink E. The mascot was a skunk, and everyone delighted in the horrible smells.

Dave and Bill toughed it out, including him in the ball pit. In Living Color! Clown running a deliberately cheap, unpleasant version. Spoofing Chuck E. Cheese's most famous slogan, it's "Where a kid can be a kid Cheese's without showing it.

An episode of The Big Bang Theory had Sheldon who was obsessed with solving a molecular equation and was using the balls as subatomic particles hiding out in the ball pit at one of these places, only to pop up at regular intervals like a prairie dog and shout "Bazinga! However, the Taylors made history by being the first family to ever be kicked out of the place for having hyperactive and disobedient children. And given what such places are like, that's saying a lot.

In the episode "The Injury", Michael lampshades the trope when Jim is about to take both him and Dwight to the hospital. Dwight : Where are we going?

Piggy's pizza palace

Where are we going? Do you know who I am??? Seriously, please, tell me who I am!!! Video Games. Ted E. Cheese's crossed with Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club. Oddly enough, there actually was a real-life Ted E. Bear's in Southern California, a small chain of Chuck E. Cheese knock-offs.

Street Fighter EX : The backstory of Skullomania: He was a salaryman forced to wear a stupid costume for a sale promotion, until one day, he decided he was the next generation of Kamen Rider. Played for Horror throughout the Five Nights at Freddy's series: In the first gameyou play as the nightguard of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where the management is incompetent, corners are cut, employees are paid minimum wage, and the animatronics are out to kill you.

The place is set to close within two months after many incidents in locations; chiefly, five children being kidnapped and murdered by a man in an animatronic suit. The sequel, Five Nights at Freddy's 2takes place during the grand reopening of the pizzeria. It's revealed that it's actually a prequel taking place in the week leading up to the infamous Bite of '