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Come to my bass drop, Aesthetically woman searching boy bass comes

Tyler Music Sexy Video.

Come To My Bass Drop

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I can always find more. Can he do that live at full speed though? I've heard about those studio tricks.

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For a while I've been fascinated by mainstream EDM for some reason. I've tried analyzing sections and the "key" to making a club hit.

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I was doing research on the bass drop in songs, which lead me to wonder. Where does it come from?

When was it first used? Is it recent? Technically, all a drop is is a pregnant pause before a dramatic change So drops have existed in music forever.

A bass drop in particular is a bass tone used at a drop, often descending or gliding in pitch. You can play that on most stringed bass instruments and certainly jazz and rock musicians have been doing that for decades. The first I noticed a bass drop being a recurring theme in electronic music was in drum 'n' bass in the mid 90s But they weren't uncommon as a dramatic device before that EBM of the 80s often used drops, bass or otherwise.

Acid used it. BigBeat used drops all over the place.

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Autechre have a lot of what could be considered drops. As does Aphex Twin.

But the kind of everyday drop you get in BroStep, which has crossed to other genres, these days is a fairly new take on it. A more identifiable phrase in the lexicon also.

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As far as I can tell, the drop originated with drum and bass and jungle in the 90s. Over time, dnb, reggae, dub, and garage all influenced the sound of dubstep, which came about in the early s.

A good example of the very early sound is Gorgon Soundby Horsepower Productions. And then, Midnight Request Line happened.

It's very different from Gorgon Sound, and if it's not the first track that's recognizably similar to today's dubstep, it's definitely one of the first. A brief intro followed by a ridiculously heavy drop and plenty of bass, pace and space, this track just about set the tone for the next decade.

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And the rest, as they say, is history. If you're still interested, I recommend looking through the catalogue of TempaDeep Mediand DMZ for a pretty decent history of the sound. New topics must aim to start a discussion, not just propose a topic.

Posts should include questions and analytical opinions. Found the internet!

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The bass drop. Posted by 8 years ago.

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