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As the actor recently came out as a trans woman, she spoke about how her life changed after that.

Coming Out On Top Tommy

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H ollywood began to take notice soon after I published my debut novel Detransition, Baby — which follows a trans woman, a cis woman and a trans woman who has detransitioned as they try to form an unconventional family—in early

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Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. The characters of the visual novel Coming Out On Top. Mark Matthews. Our 22 year-old main protagonist of COOT.

He is a gay undergraduate student in his senior year in Orlin University. He is living with his friends Penny and Ian in an apartment. Mark is the only child in the family and his father's name is Stanley. His mother was unnamed in the story.

If Mark chooses to come out to his parents, they will openly accept him and even his mother set up dates for him. Mark was in the water polo team ly and his swimming abilities earned him the nickname "Spanish Armada". He stopped playing water polo due to a shoulder injury.

Mark is also academically smart as he has an option to tutor English to non-native speakers on weekends. Ian Manachevitz. Mark's roommate and best friendalong with Penny. Ian has been roommates with Mark and Penny since they started at Orlin University. He's a C average Zoology student and works as a part-time Barista at the local college coffee shop hang out, JoJo's. He is currently attempting to get into a Grad program that will send him to South America for 2 years to study Capuchin Monkeys.

Ian: "Remember now, the police couldn't prove it was them. Ian: I mean, you came out last night. It's just happening so fast. I mean, not like it shouldn't happen so fast. You're perfectly capable of attracting- I mean, you're good enough looking dude. Not that I'm like, checking you or anything. Not that it's wrong to check out other guys.

Alex Davies.

A guy Mark meets a bar. Also Mark's anatomy professor. He frequents the campus gym on the weekends and he is an excellent racquetball player. His research has been published and is in the running for a tenure in the university. Penny : "Didn't realize Norse gods stooped to teaching undergr. Bradley Melnick. Quarterback football player of Orlin University. His athletic abilities are excellent and he is potentially going pro in NFL once he graduates, but he's having major trouble in academic areas and seeks tutoring in order to pass college.

Growing up, Brad's father was irresponsible and neglectful, forcing his older brother Beau to act as a stand-in father figure. Brad :"Look, this is Division 1 football. That's just how things work. You might not like it.

I might not like it. But this system's way bigger than any of us. Jed is a free-spirited lead singer and song writer of The Dirty Loofahs and plays keyboard in his band. He has frequent visits from his sister Sylvia.

Tommy dorfman on her life as a woman

He works part-time delivering pizzas. Jed :"This is me, actually giving a shit right now. You know, trying to act like you don't care, that takes a lot of effort. Philbert Healy. Penny's favorite cousin. He's a marine who just got back from boot camp and is being considered for Recon program once he graduates from infantry school.

His father, Donald Healy, is running for state senate.

A flower shop owner Mark can meet after a failed outing to a gay bar with Ian. An older leather bear who is extremely romantic, his interests include poetry, wrestling, and classic films. He has a "shit-poo" named Dulcinea, and used to date Gregor. His favorite poet is Walt Whitman.

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Mark's trusty pet goldfish, bought and brought into Mark's abode the day before the game starts. Can be "antagonistic" should Mark decide to pursue no romantic interest in anymore, "convincing" Mark to kill his friends, ultimately leading up to a memorable ending where Slurpy either makes love to him or murders him. A startup founder and male feminist.

A self-proclaimed "sex-positive person. Jake's a foodie by trade and has struggled with an eating disorder since adolescence. He is also an avid gamer. A 35 year-old divorced construction worker and has a teenage son named Tristan. He works in construction in an adjacent to Orlin, Palm Valley. After his divorce two years ago, he finally comes out and trying to date for the first time since high school. Being out of the dating scene for far too long, he is completely lost and relies on pick-up lines from a guidebook.

His son is the one whose been encouraging him to get out and date. Mark : Oh god. Donovan : What's the matter? They play funked out pop-rock with heavy jazz influences, mixed with a death metal and a trap twist. In a committed relationship with Pete. He is more concerned about the idea of having a threesome and had reservations until the end of the date. A graphic deer. In a committed relationship with Oz. He and his partner moved to Palm Valley from the east coast. They've been together for two years they met three years ago after Oz ed him to ask if he was going to finish his erotic superhero web comic.

Pete admitted that web comic was embarrassing and preferred not to be brought up in conversations.

A curated/researched collection of information of lgbtq content in digital games from s-present

Mark is more open to having a threesome, and he's the one that messages Mark under Oz's name to come and hang out at a nightclub. Thomas "Tommy". A prosecutor for Orlin County. In his free time he likes working out, reading and cooking. He's quite an accomplished amateur chef.

He graduated from law school five years ago. A globe trotting billionaire He's actually a stripper ashamed of his profession, and his wealthy possessions are mere average ones.

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Cesar is a police officer in the Narcotics division of Orlin county. He ed Brofinder as a part of a sting operation where he baits people into buying poppers. He's been on the force for six years and is very proud of it. Terrence 'Terry' Lovelock. Terrence, most know by his stage name Terry Lovelock, is a popstar.

Terry had a humble upbringing, being raised by his single mother alone. He's very passionate about music and confident of his singing skills. His early musical output, described by himself as "dark" and "weird" didn't bring him commercial success. Terry le a very tightly managed life.