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Couple caught at baseball game, Filipine woman catch game to baseballs

No, this has nothing to do with the team's cheating scandal from a few years ago, but this Astros fan sure does look like he wishes he hadn't been caught on camera at Monday's game against the Royals at Minute Maid Park. As a friend bumps the woman - maybe to let her know she was on camera? He immediately takes his arm off the woman's shoulder and takes a step in the opposite direction.

Couple Caught At Baseball Game

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A man under investigation for the rape of a year-old umpired a youth baseball game in Edmond, and now some parents are livid. Clark hasn't been charged or convicted in that case, but the investigation remains active-- and parents say Clark has no business being around children. EASI is contracted with the City of Edmond to operate the youth sports program, parents like Standish want to know why Clark was allowed to share the field with their children.

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Final words

Take a look at these pictures captured in a stadium. They are hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.

It would be awkward, right? While people buy tickets to enjoy the match live, others find the stadium a cool place for a hookup. Cameras are implemented in the stadium for security purposes and also to capture the game live.

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But sometimes this surveillance camera record people in an awkward situation and doing disgusting activities. Sports fans have a simple job of cheering for their favorite team. They forget where they are and do something that is prohibited.

I sometimes wonder- how do people feel when they see themselves recorded in public? No matter what they feel, we have compiled hilarious and embarrassing pictures of people in the stadium. Check below. According to Article of the Brazilan Penal Code, doing obscene acts in public places is punishable.

Little split

Later the event organizers identified the couple, and they were jailed. The couple paid no attention to people who were sitting beside them and continued doing it. The pictures gained mixed reviews from the audience after they went on the internet.

She took off her clothes in front of the public and even lashed on the officers who stopped her. Couples got caught getting nasty at an event, and the pictures were shared on the internet. What do you think? But was the worst year of his life.

Ombi lako lisingechakatwa

It was reported that he was planning to murder Clinton and President George Bush. He also received three life sentences after he attempted to kidnap a maid in a California hotel. It was in when this couple was noticed doing intimate activities during the match between the Phillies and Marlins in Philadelphia.

The couple was getting bored and even drunk. Ina cameraman caught two girls and a guy doing inappropriate actions in the historic Fenway Park. Soon, this news spread in the stadium, and other people came to the washroom to capture them live. After they finished and came out of the bathroom, people greeted them with a broad smile. Have you ever wondered how tough the cameraman's job is?

After watching these pictures, I feel sad for him. Have you ever watched incidents like these in the stadium?

How was your reaction to it? Drop your comments below. Human body has been subject to various superstitions since centuries. The beliefs have passed down from generation to generation Nearly three quarters of the Earth is covered with water.

No wonder, oceans contained various mysterious creatures like mermaids Have you heard about the fluffy cow? Still Unfold. Share this story on. Popular Posts.

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