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As a TV star, Courteney is a skillful and good-looking actress. If you agree, we are guessing that you also had a crush on her during her heydays. We are going to give you some interesting insights into the well-favored celebrity.

Courteney Cox Butt

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We all know who Courtney Cox is after the international and long-lasting fame Friends had. Cox was born in Alabama and had an uneventful childhood. She was enrolled in an architecture course at George Washington University but left it halfway in pursuit of a career in acting and modelling. She struggled in the industry and found meagre work here and there. We have the best collection of Courteney Cox butt pictures below, and we can bet that you are gonna love this!

Years old: I'm 24 years old
What is my nationaly: I'm estonian
Sexual preference: Guy
I speak: English, Russian
My hobbies: Fishkeeping
I like piercing: I don't have piercings

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Ross Geller : [Monica is trying to convince the gang that she can be irresponsible, random, and a "kook"] All right, you madcap gal, try to imagine this: the phone bill arrives, but you don't pay it right away. Monica Geller : Why not?

Ross Geller : Because you're a 'kook'! Instead, you wait until they send you a notice.

Monica Geller : [a little uncomfortable] I could do that. Rachel Green : Okay, okay, you let me go grocery shopping Monica Geller : No problem!

Rachel Green : I'm not done yet. Monica Geller : Oh. Rachel Green : AND I buy laundry detergent BUT Monica Geller : One might wonder Chandler Bing : Someone's left a glass on the coffee table.

There's no coaster. It's a cold drink.

It's a hot day. Chandler Bing : Little be of condensation are inching their way closer and closer to the surface of the wood Oh, my god Who am I? Ross Geller : Monica Phoebe Buffay : [makes screeching violins from "Psycho" noises, wielding an imaginary knife].

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