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Dad boi tumblr, Swiss boi found tumblr to Dad

Sin would fall, as it always would, but so too would it rise, a new life and summoner at its core, to take its place. The bulk of him crowded close to his summoner, almost protectively, as he looked down at her, a disguised paw coming to touch, impossibly lightly, on her chin, turning her head this way and that in an inspection before his searching gaze.

Dad Boi Tumblr

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I know you are scrolling through your dashboard or perhaps even browsing around my blog. I know you are a little turned on right now. But you could be so much more, you ache to be so much more. You sit there rubbing your boy dick. You want to be a good submissive boy. You have been letting your mind wonder.

Years old: 24
Where am I from: Estonian
I like: Guy
My Zodiac sign: I'm Sagittarius
What is my favourite drink: Lager
Favourite music: Country

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By rearticulating traditional Azerbaijani rug de, Faig Ahmed creates sculptural textiles that look like digital glitches, patterns flatlining halfway through a tapestry or gradually morphing into a digital mosaic.

TIL one typo lead to the hire of a Geoffrey Tandy, a seaweed expert cryptogamist instead of a codebreaker cryptogramist during WW2, but the help of the seaweed expert accelerated the end of the war by 2 to 4 yrs saving millions of lives in the process.

When Geoffrey Tandy was summoned to Bletchley Park inhe had no idea what to expect.

Tandy was greeted by representatives for the Ministry of Defence, who seemed excited at the prospect of Tandy ing the top-secret efforts at Bletchley—too excited, really, about someone whose expertise was in seaweed. At some point, it occurred to Tandy that the Ministry may have made a mistake. The exact details are lost to history, but it became clear that someone had mistaken his job of cryptogamistfor a cryptogramist—a codebreaker, which is exactly what men like Alan Turing were doing at Bletchley.

The mistake led to a moss specialist being deposited into one of the most intense covert operations of the war. Generally useless to the group, Tandy did nothing for two years. Then something incredible happened.

InAllied forces torpedoed German U-boats and salvaged some important documents from the wreckages, including papers that instructed users of the German Enigma Machine how to unscramble messages. The problem: The papers were waterlogged, damaged, and in dire need of quick restoration before they could be put to use.

The Ministry needed someone who was an expert in drying out water-damaged, fragile materials. Someone who may have had training in preserving algae in such a manner.

They needed someone like Tandy. Using absorbent materials gathered from a museum, Tandy dried the s and returned them to legibility.

The Bletchley codebreakers were able to use the information to crack German communication, allowing Allied forces to get a glimpse of their strategy. The deciphering likely hastened the end of the war by two to four years, saving millions of lives in the process.

I love trans girls for lots of reasons but I think the biggest is that growing up as a girl for me was SO hard. A legend.

There are many benefits to being a marine biologist.