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Dayz my mouth tastes funny, I liked funny mouth that loves Dayz

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Dayz My Mouth Tastes Funny

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Was KOSed on top of Novodmitrovsk city hall. Was KOSed by the guy on top of Novodmitrovsk city hall. Hey, looks like a fellow player is enjoying the landscape Wait, is that a Mosin?

Years: 24
What is my ethnicity: Paraguayan
Eyes: Hazel green
What is my figure features: My body type is plump
I prefer to drink: Tequila
I like to listen: Easy listening

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I found a gasoline canister that had fuel in it south of Cherno. I emptied the vessel, and was presented the option to collect rainwater. It was currently raining so nothing out of the ordinary there.

Fps fps in day z

I collected and drank from it about 10 times or so, giggling to see messages like "You took a swig from a gasoline canister" thinking I was drinking water. Much to my dismay, shortly after I got the 'My mouth tastes funny' message.

I went through the process of purging drinking water at a water pump until pukingand my status cleared. I was still getting "I'm nauseous" messages, until finally I went unconscious.

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Based upon this observation, it would seem that gasoline canisters. There really wasn't an option to 'swish it out' or 'clean the gas can'.

Obviously in a real-world situation emptying a gas canister and filling it up with water would result in a situation like this. I certainly have no intention of doing it again once I am done with the experiment. But I am just wondering, is this game mechanics or something else? Was this type of scenario actually built in?

Dayz wiki sickness

I did try filling the canister over the weekend at a water pump. I did not get sick from this action.

The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix. Regards, Geez. Geez hi :.

Create Task. Empty Gasoline canister used to collect rainwater makes you sick Acknowledged, Normal Public.

Everything for survival in dayz standalone.

Edit Task Edit Related Tasks Empty gas canister Wait for rain, collect rainwater Drink from canister Wait for a few minutes Receive sickness status. I have not tried the following: Filling the gas canister at a water pump and drinking out of it works, does not cause illness Collecting rainwater with the gas can and trying to fill up a vehicle.

I suppose this would be a definitive test, which I will attempt later today, Filling a canteen or water bottle with gasoline, emptying it, and refilling with water and drinking. Fill the gas canister with water and placing it in a fire.

Can i tell if i am pregnant?

Related Objects. Event Timeline. Jul 29PM. Sneakydude added a subscriber: Sneakydude.

It should to remove all contaminates from the gas tank takes a ton more. Aug 1PM. Show Details Aug 1PM. Geez changed the task status from New to Acknowledged.

Drinking disinfectant spray in dayz standalone is awesome

Aug 3AM. Geez added a subscriber: Geez. Geez merged a task: T Gas canister. Apr 27AM. Geez added a subscriber: mostafa Aug 22AM. Geez hi : May be close this ticket like obsolete?

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