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Dbz trunks and mai, Dbz hunt for trunks that mai and

It only takes a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. In the future Trunks timeline the Dragon Balls have been destroyed, during the Android Saga, the Pilaf Gang should not be able to wish for youth.

Dbz Trunks And Mai

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Everybody is calling it out as pedo. Yes she is and she is having an innocent crush. It's not like Trunks is making a move or anything of the short. I think we've all been there as kids with someone older, and especially girls. The fact is the show is heavily hinting towards the Pilaf Gang having kept most of their intelligence, indicated from Pilaf helping Bulma's programming and other small details.

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Their Extra Arts is one of the best in the game and their animation are worthy of the Legends Limited status.

The problem

Defensively, they lack the stats to be reliable. Their support is an amazing aspect of their toolkit.

Any amounts of extra Damage is good. They get card draw speed when they enter the battlefield and their Damage gets stronger as the match goes on.

With this, they are able to deal good damage against top-meta Fighters and can prolong a combo in dire situations. As mentioned in the Overview, they have one of the best Extra Arts in the game. They are ranked 70th for strike defense and rd for blast defense. Nevertheless, they are amazing Fighter with tools to help your team in battle and can dish out good damage on their own. This is where this Fighter truly shines as they follow the common troupe among Vegeta Family Fighters where they provide support in some way, to help the team.

Trunks having some Support aspects, as well as having additional Damage progressively as the Fight continues, justifies the use of 2 HP Equipment to allow him to survive as long as possible. Restores own Ki by Draw a Special Arts Card next activates once. Increases Arts Card Draw Speed by 1 level for 15 timer counts. Restores ally Ki by 30 when this character is switched to standby.

The following effects occur depending on the of timer counts elapsed from battle start while this character is not defeated:. Deals major Explode damage. Deals massive Impact damage. Applies the following effects to self on hit:. If the Player has not acquired either of the two aforementioned units, they are recommended on the core, however.

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Table of contents

Table of Contents Stats. Power Level. HP 2, Strike ATKBlast ATKStrike DEFBlast DEFStrike Restore Ki. Blast Restore Ki. Strengths Duo Support. Good Damage With Both Arts. Together As One. Weaknesses Poor Defence.

Team Synergy Future. Base Strike Attack UP. Base Health UP. Damage to RED after 30 timer counts Up. A HP Equipment is a must-have on every Fighter. Awakened Romantic Drive No. Base Blast Attack UP. Base Strike Defense UP. Base Blast Defense UP.

I want to fight! Strike Defense or Blast Defense Up. Special Move Damage UP. Ultimate Damage UP. First, you'll have to deal with me! Requirements: 25 timer counts must elapse. Applies the following effects to self when this character enters the battlefield: Draw a Special Arts Card next activates once.

Table of contents

EX Teen Trunks Yellow. EX 1st Form Cell Yellow. HE 1st Form Cell Purple.

EX 2nd Form Cell Blue. SP Super Trunks Green. HE 2nd Form Cell Blue.

SP Goku Black Yellow. SP Mai Green.

Future mai

EX Android 17 Green. EX Android 18 Purple. EX Gohan Green. SP Zamasu Red. SP Youth Trunks Blue. EX Mai Purple. SP Perfect Cell Yellow. EX Teen Trunks Purple. SP Teen Trunks Purple. SP Goku Black Purple.

SP Gohan Green. EX Zamasu Green. SP 1st Form Cell Green.

EX Super Trunks Purple. SP Fusion Zamasu Purple.

The question

SP Goku Black Green. EX Trunks Youth Green. EX Goku Black Blue. SP Super Vegeta Yellow.


EX Vegeta Red. EX Kid Trunks Blue. SP Majin Vegeta Red. EX Trunks Green. EX Trunks Kid Green. EX Super Vegeta Green. SP Trunks Kid Green. SP Vegeta Red.