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Ddo dreams of insanity, I am Ddo for female that loves gypsy

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Ddo Dreams Of Insanity

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Over this past weekend, Erdrique Level 15 Druid only needed a few level 11 quests to complete on elite before concentrating on the level 12 and higher level quests.

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Just a ddo gamer's rambling…

Advanced Search. Tips for "Dreams of Insanity" quest as caster? Dreams of Insanity is a level 11 quest I'm enjoying on my Wizard, but this quest is deadly sometimes. Not lvl 11 for sure! Main problem is the fact that I can't buff myself fully due to the fear of beholders dispelling me, and I still haven't found a way to avoid anti-magic. I can finish Invaders easily, even on Elite, without ever getting anti-magic, but not Dreams of Insanity due to close quarters.

And this was while inside an anti-magic field.

I really want to become expert in this quest, the same way I can deal with Invaders for example. In enjoy Xoriat stuff. Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by lppmor. The Enlarge metamagic is your friend for this.

But you do need to have to room to move far enough back. There are 5 areas with beholders in this quest. Two in the halls on the way to where you find the crests. You need to open the doors with the beholders in them and then run backwards as fast possible until you get out of anti-magic radius and then BLAST away with your most damaging ranged spells. There are two in the rooms with the quests. Open the door and then run away down the halls and let them come outside the room after you. Blast away. Then in the final room you'll get an initial named beholder Same tactics Originally Posted by Mindos.

Well, you already know that ray spells have double range, and you can take the feat to expand the range of your other spells. But you mention the close quarters. Suggestion: Get the attention off of you and onto anything else.

A Ranger friend or two can also make short work.

What happens to the wizard skeleton when it gets cyclonic blasted or stares into the eyes of the beholdi? I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

Dungeons and dragons online

Originally Posted by FuzzyDuck Gotta be careful with summons, as the beholders' antimagic will dispel the part that grants you control over the summoned creature, and mean you just have another enemy to worry about. Enoach Anialda Anianna Crydel Glimdorn. It has extended range like a ray spell but does damage in ticks. Peek out, chuck it, run away. Follow PB on Twitch! PB's Youtube Channel.

Originally Posted by Kylstrem. Thanks for all tips guys. The hounds indeed blast lingering AoE spells away, so they make dealing with the close quarters beholders even more difficult. Never tried to run away after destroying the doors. I instead always try to fill the entrance with AoEs, but most of the time anti-magic gets me.

I'm having a good time with symbol spells now. They do not seem to be affected by Cyclonic Blast, and Symbol of Fear is doing a great job. I just blast a door open and immediately cast the symbol at the entrance. There are many times when the beholder itself gets affected and starts to run away.

Unfortunately, I found that its anti-magic field still works even when the bastart is feared. Sysmbol of Persuasion seems good too. NOTE: One door can be fireballed from afar. The other two are angled, so that it's not that easy to break from distance.

Last edited by lppmor; at PM. This is with invaders one of the quest where it is useful to be in group.

Originally Posted by Enguebert. You could try putting up persistent AoE spells at the doors and then blasting them open. Should help soften up the enemies a bit at least. While Fireball can be used to break the doors down, I personally prefer Knock as it will unlock and swing the doors open in these cases.

I also find you don't need to do crazy angles and can usually be much further away then what fireball needs. I also recommend putting the symbol down before you open the door. They generally have a long casting time and casting after mean you are flirting with concentration checks and anti-magic field hitting you mid cast. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search.

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