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Dipper x wendy fanfiction, Fanfiction dipper search wendy who loves pleasures

The Amazing World of Dipper Pines.

Dipper X Wendy Fanfiction

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For Dipper Pines, having to be 18 was a priority.

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Wendy and dipper for ddp by wintermaiden11 on deviantart

Hey, everyone! I have been doing this thing for five years, and every day, I get tons of people digging the stories and comics I help write, but also a whole lot more ask me my processes of creating the tales you find on FanfictionDeviantartor even here on Tumblr! Today, I wish to share with you all, my past, how i come up with these crazy ideas, and more importantly, how to translate your own thoughts from your mind to the screen before you. Grab a cold beverage, and hit the restroom, friends.

Wendip stories

Okay, guys and gals. The more the characters talked, the more the snappy lines made me chuckle. While Mabel, Stan, and Soos kept the jokes rolling with their one-liners, I noticed something very special with the lead male. Dipper is a ton of things wrapped up in a bundle. The one everyone messes with for shits and giggles. He tries to be honest, fair, and a good brother. In short, Dipper Pines reminded me of myself at 12 years old. Messy hair, flabby tummy, and all.

Dipper and wendy by etb on deviantart

With that, I sent out to find more episodes of this show. Unfortunately, this was around the time of the first hiatus after Summerweenand for some reason, Gravity Falls reruns were very scarce on the DC lineup. Confession time again, fellas. It almost looks like a totally different kid at times. The worry and downtrodden feeling from the first 2 episodes were gone. I was as crushed as Dipper was. What the hell did I just watch?

Or hey, I missed a bunch of episodes between! And with the first half of Season 1 under my belt, I noticed a recurring theme over and over with Dipper. His abnormally bad luck gets even worse when involving a certain redhead. Is it fair to say that Dipper is innocent of everything bad happening to him?

Like me, he wished nothing but the best for these two, and created dozens upon dozens of unique ways of showing so. I also stuck my nose in fanfiction. It was my first time doing so, but then again, back then, I had a ton of time on my hands. There were a ton of great ideas out there by creative writer, but to be honest, a lot of the material was lacking polish. Or even worse, many of the great stories were left abandoned without an proper ending. One fateful day, while surfing through Wendip art on Deviantart, I came across a piece that caught my attention.

For obvious reasons trying to keep this SFWI will not be posting it here.

It was a perfectly-animated-cel drawn picture of Wendy with a smug, bored look on her face, locked barefoot into a pair of ankle stocks. As odd as this sounds, I thought the idea was interesting. But no other information was included.

I asked the original artist if he had a story behind it. And so, due to a combination of insomnia, depression, and a few painkillers, I had created my first fanfic over Super Bowl Sunday. I had reruns of Gravity Falls playing on repeat in the background in hopes of being able to best capture the voices of their characters.

I am by no means one. To my surprise, a few fans responded to it. I took their advice seriously the majority asked to split the story into pieces, and give Fanfiction. But I was not content.

My first story was technically, not my own, if that makes sense. I wanted to try again. I wanted to make something even better…. I wondered if and when Rumble and the gaming world would strike again in Gravity Falls. A few weeks later, Disney Online released a free-browser based game that served as a sequel to that story.

I jumped online to play, holding on to hope that Wendy would be included in some way. She was…. With that, I knew what my next project was going to be: a lovesong to the gaming legends I grew up with. I would work tirelessly to weave existing Gravity Falls canon at the time, the first 12 episodes into a Wendy and Dipper themed adventure that I would want to read.

I set two goals:. Showcase my opinions on those two, their bond, and guess at how it would reveal during the course of the show got a few points right…. As I continued on with the story, I noticed something strange.

I saw that title pop up nearly everywhere Gravity Falls media was posted. On forums, Twitter, Tumblr, 4chan, and so on. But I had to be sure. Was this story as decent as everyone was saying? To me, only the master could tell me for sure. After the first DBR story was completed, I sent the link to moringmark. I asked him if he could, to please read this story, and if he were interested, would he mind creating a cover art for the fanfiction version.

He also made this too. I was so taken back by his kindness, I asked if I can do anything to make up for this. All Mark wanted in return was one thing:. And so, I did! And have been doing ever since.

Wendip stories

One of the greatest compliments I can receive about the stories or the comic is when people say how the tone is close to that of the actual show, as if I trained under the tutelage of Hirsch and co. Fanfiction wish. A great part of writing this stuff with great accuracy is using proper character analysis.

When we are first introduced to Dipper, he is definitely seen as an outsider to not only Gravity Falls, but to the rest of the world as well. The more he spends with people, the more he seems to trust them. One can argue this point with Ford, but then again, he probably feels close from following the exploits of the Journal 3. There is a careful optimism within Dipper when it comes to having good things in his life. On the wendy side of this, once he has his mind set on something or someonehe does become a bit obsessive about it.

It is more than fair to say that Dipper does get a bit egotistical in the face of victory or being doubted. Such an attitude le to his possible downfall e. The InconveniencingGideon RisesScaryokeand so on. With that said, there does seem to be a slight hesitation with Dipper when it dipper to good things.

For example. Dipper is stunned for a split second before accepting a fucking high-five.

As if Wendy was going to pull a Ric Flair on him or something. What does this say about Dipper?

Was it for Dipper to finally gain the courage to ask Wendy to be his girlfriend and start dating? I mean, they have a regular movie night. What twelve year old boy has that with an older girl, regardless if its in a romantic context or not?! As with Robbie, he believes if he screws up and Wendy is displeased, he will be kicked out of her life for good!

Look at his note: I like you - is that crazy? The simple fact that this person welcomed him instead of shunning him or making fun of him if anything, Wendy laughs with Dipper versus at him means so much more than any superficial relationship Mabel could come up with.

The situation with Robbie only further that angle.

The Love God offers the best picture possible - literally:. Dipper has no qualms of hanging with Wendy and the gang. Even worse is how he uses Wendy as a tool to mess with Dipper.

In fact, I used the opposite angle in a project, and no one seemed to think otherwise…. Go back to your computer, Soos! If you think about it, guys. In an ironic sense, Mabel did actually help Dipper in one unexpected way; one I never would have imagined or called in a billion years props, Hirsch and co. So, yeah. We went on kinda of a bunch of tangents there.

What does all of this have to do with Dipper? I wanted to show beneath all of these layers, even when counting Mabel, Dipper is all alone in many ways. Same goes with Soos, despite his long-distance relationship with Melody.