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Diy silicone sex toy, I Diy sex seeking silicone that loves toy

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Diy Silicone Sex Toy

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The most frequently asked questions I get from this blog are from folks who are interested in making their own toys out of silicone. Before I get started, let me remind you that I am not a medical doctor. Please use common sense when selecting materials and deing toys.

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Yet, the DIY dildo world can be a very confusing place to navigate. This is exactly why, throughout the course of this article, we will look at solutions for amateurs, hobbyists, as well as aspiring pros wishing to build a business around making their own sex toys.

May it be ready-made, single-use kits and solutions or investing in your own full-on DIY dildo lab! A safe sex toy is a sex toy with a base. With that being said, keep reading to learn more about how to make DIY sex toys from the comfort of your own home. Easiest way to make custom dildos or customize existing ones. Peg Away Putty. How to make professional dildos that you can actually sell. Multiple entries. But if you want to make multiple copies of your creations and distribute them, this might not be the best way to go.

These kits allow you to make a silicone copy of your favorite penis in town. These DIY dildo kits come in multiple colors, ranging from natural skin tones to more colorful options. You see, every step of the process has to be timed.

Mistake #2 : i didn’t know my own limitations

So you have to fight against the clock as you mix your mold, get an erection, and leave it in there for 2 minutes. While it is not impossible to achieve this on your own, it helps to have toy two of you working at the task, with one of you dealing with the erection while the other takes care of the mixing and prepping. But if you do decide to put a cock ring on, make sure to wear it behind your testicles, otherwise, the ring will most likely appear on the finished product.

It is still easy to mess up a few times before getting a perfect mold down, so I highly suggest getting your own extra quick-set alginate just in case you ruin your initial mold. Of course, if you think that this D is too perfect not to be shared, nothing stops you from using the resulting copy to cast your own molds see how below and build an Diy of dildos to do your bidding. So silicone you want to add texture to your dildos, bump up your prostate toys for extra stimulation and comfort or make your own toys, this putty can do it all. But again, this kit only comes in black. Using Diy good grease-fighting detergent like Dawn should remove compounds that would get in the way of a good bond.

And just to be sure, wash and rinse your toy thoroughly twice in a row. Toy your colors are blended, leave the mixture to cool at room temperature before activating it. Another way to plan your toy out beforehand without risking permanent mistakes is to only use the colored non-activated part to test out your de. Then remove it before activating it and going through with your final de. The time window to mix and activate the putty, shape your additions or sex on sex is about 8 minutes at room temperature. You can silicone your textures bit by bit or even build on top of fully cured Peg Away Putty since it sticks very well to itself.

This way you can build your modifications over multiple steps, like in this video below:. The curing length is really dependent on the temperature, and the colder it is the longer the curing process will take. But a 3-hour wait should cover most situations. When your new DIY sex toy is completely cured, you can now wash it once more with dish detergent, rinse well, and they should be ready for action!

To make shopping for materials as convenient and cheap as possible, I made sure that all the links are from Amazon. The only type of silicone safe for penetration is platinum cure silicone and the most popular supplier amongst indie sex toy makers is Smooth-On.

Now, Smooth-On makes all sorts of silicones that are unsafe for sex, so make sure you double-check before investing in buckets of it. Phallophile Reviews also has a pretty in-depth guide on sex toy hardness that could be handy if you want to go down that rabbit hole. Unless you have a way to get rid of the bubbles more on this later you could be left with toys filled with little imperfections. But if you want toy stay on the safe side, the most popular options are Ecoflex for softer toys Diy Dragon Skin for harder but still realistically soft toys.

Ecoflex comes inand hardness. This means that bubbles will have less of a tendency of showing up in your finished product, so it is perfect for someone trying to keep the cost of equipment to a minimum. But it could be used as an outside layer of a dual-density toy. So if hard toys are uncomfortable to you during silicone, it could still be a pretty decent option.

Even better if you invest in an additional vacuum degassing kit. This should work well for realistically hard dildos sex dual-density cores. But these will absolutely require some degassing on your part if you want a bubble-free sex toy. If you do wish to pursue the hobby, we suggest buying buckets of it in bulk directly from Smooth-On. But it is also possible to cast real limbs and phallic objects like in the Clone-A-Willy section above to make your molds.

One of my favorite methods is simply using Sculpey to shape my toys. To do this, simply brush it on or finger paint it thinly all over your sculpture and set it to dry.

What would you cast into a silicone sex toy?

This has the major benefit of giving you the option of easily offering smaller and larger versions of your toys without having to completely resculpt them from scratch. If 3D modeling your own dildos feels a bit too involved, you can also use something like the dildo generator. Once your 3D model is readysend your files to either a 3D printing service website or to your own 3D printer.

Printing quality is great on both devices, though the Prusa is much easier to use out of the box. First, you will need a good molding medium. Just make sure the container you use can contain viscous liquids without leaking or breaking. Our favorite method is building our own custom Boxes with Legos. This makes freeing your silicone molds much easier and your boxes infinitely recyclable. Just make sure the bottom of your box lands on the smooth side of your lego blocks to avoid any issues. First, put your sculpture or cast at the bottom of your box like in the picture below.

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Get it all over your creation and inside the walls of the box. Thankfully, the two parts are of different colors, so just mix until the color becomes uniform. The trick here is to pour a thin stream of silicone from as high as you can while still being accurate and aim at the side of your container while letting the silicone settle around your sculpture.

This process will prevent bubbles from getting trapped in the mix. Set the remaining silicone aside in its mixing pot while you let the mixture cure for the amount of time shown in your silicone instructions. Follow the steps found in this video to set up your kit. Once set up, just put your box containing the sculpture and silicone mixture inside of your pot and let it cure at about 40 PSI of pressure for the entirety of the curing process. Before attempting to free your sculpture from the mold, check on the remaining silicone in your mixing bowl.

If it is solid and easy to remove, curing should be about done.

Casting materials

You now have a perfectly reusable mold for replicating your DIY sex toys over and over again. To achieve this, you will need some good pigments like the great Silc Pig by Smooth-On. So a little investment really goes a long way here! Smooth-On also makes a pretty cool glow in the dark pigment called the Glow Worm.

Our favorite method is to color only Part A of the two silicone parts with the pigments. This step is exactly like when you poured your mold except it is now mandatory to spray Mann Ease Release into your mold beforehand. Once this is done, pull it out, give it a good wash with some grease-fighting detergent e.

You could even use prep bowls like these on top of your molds to create suction cups during the curing process. Using a similar method, adding a bullet hole or a Vac-U-Lock plug to your base are also popular options.

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Stories See All. The Patriarchy Made Me Gay. Guides See All. Now Week Month. It allows for your toys to stand on their own, which looks great on a bedside table. Exhibit A With that being said, keep reading to learn more about how to make DIY sex toys from the comfort of your own home. Jump to details.

How to cast a diy silicone dildo at home

Lovehoney Canada. Lovehoney U. Lovehoney Australia. Building on Your Creation.

Optional Pro Step: Adding a coat of Mod Podge to the finished sculpture will make your creation much smoother and this will, of course, translate in your final product. Optional Pro Step: Pressure curing will also help to remove any bubbles that could get trapped in your mold. This can be done for relatively cheap with a pressure pot for paint and a simple air compressor. Once it is cured, make sure to release the pressure before opening your pot. Type to search or hit ESC to close.

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