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Double bridge piercing, Elite bridge seek double especially for love

A bridge piercing is nasal or facial piercing through the skin on the conduit of the nose.

Double Bridge Piercing

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While there are endless surface piercings styles out there, one has elevated itself into recent popularity above the rest: the bridge piercing. Aptly named, the bridge piercing is placed between the eyes at the bridge of the nose. This seemingly impossible piercing is completed when your piercer pinches the skin at the bridge of your nose and pushes a needle straight through.

The piercing is then filled with a straight barbell. Before you get this ultra-cool look, there are some things that you need to consider.

Double bridge piercing

Many have only noted mild discomfort with the clamps pre-pierce and potential swelling after the piercing is complete. If you have a tendency to swell, then you might feel more discomfort than others for the next few days. This is one piercing that tends to swell more than others, and it can get uncomfortable.

Pain is different for everyone, so the experience could be easier or worse for you. Of all the facial piercingsthe bridge piercing stands out more than others. However, if you prefer to go more unnoticed, then you might consider a subtler style.

Additionally, as a less mainstream piercing choice, you might face resistance from even more progressive companies. Before you get the bridge piercing, talk to your employer, or consult someone in the industry that you aspire to enter.

Like any piercing, there needs to be some prep. Here are the things that you should do before undergoing the needle.

Your guide to getting a bridge piercing

Bridge piercings take anywhere between 6 — 12 months to heal and maybe even longer. The best way to achieve a shorter healing time is to maintain daily aftercare practices.

If you think your bridge piercing is fully healed, talk to your piercer before stopping aftercare practices. The interior could still be healing, and you must continue aftercare for the entire healing period in order to avoid complications.

Need more convincing to get a bridge piercing? Check out our adorable barbells that will look amazing shining between your eyes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Bridge piercing

By FT Admin. The result? A double-pierced look that seems to defy gravity. The bridge piercing is one piercing that requires confidence.

All piercings require research beforehand. Tags: bridge piercingscurved barbellFacial Piercingsnew piercingsstraight barbellSurface Piercingstrendy piercings.

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