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Fairy tail lucy vs minerva, I'd like lucy tail guy that Fairy chatroulete

Wendy and Carla learn the full truth of Tartaros' Face plan, and it's not good. Elsewhere, Erza faces off with Minerva, who has undergone a demonic transformation.

Fairy Tail Lucy Vs Minerva

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Fairy Tail shows that the female within a guild can also have a heck amount of power!

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Fairy tail lucy vs minerva

Fairy Tail starts the one thing which should have not, Sabertooth provokes Fairy Tail leading to a near death from Lucy. The challenge starts out as it should, but this time Lucy and Minerva are left in the Naval Battle alone, Minerva goes to anger every from Fairy Tail telling them that what ever they do is useless, she uses her magic to nearly kill her!

Fairy Tail begins as members of Fairy Tail party the end of the day, they mention their victory as well as their ties in regard to Wendy. Rogue also suspects the same.

Daily anime art

That night, everyone seems to be have a lot of things in their mind, Kagura things about what happened, Millianna is also spaced out, asked from Risley whats going on, she says nothing and gives her a hug. Jellal also remembers his moment with Doranbolt, Arcadios also notices that Yukino Aguria also ed his ranks.

Someone mentions that there are only 4 days left. The next begins with everyone cheering. The next challenge challenge begins.

All members will go into the large water into which they will fight to get each other out. The last two members will have 5 minutes to which they will use to powers to get their opponent out, within this 5 minutes, the person removed will be in last place getting no points.

After that 5 minutes they will be able to get as much fighting as they want. They all enter and get ready to go all out! The battle begins with Lucy calling out Aquarius, out of nowhere it gets to Juvia and she quickly uses her magic in order to counter attack Aquarius attack! It seems Fairy Tail are fighting within themselves. Aquarius and Juvia might be friends, but Juvia quickly got onto Aquarius level. It seems Juvia wants to impress Gray so she wants to go all out.

Naval battle

Jenny gets Rocker out, Chelia attacks Risley but fails as she turns slim. Juvia keeps on attacking, Risley, Jenny and Chelia keep on attacking each other. She does so and calls on the power of love to Gray and pulls out everyone in the water out, except Minerva and Lucy.

It seems that only Lucy and Minerva are left, the 5 minute watch begins. At this point, anyone who goes out will be left in last place. Minerva uses her magic and out of nowhere, it attacks Lucy, it uses the water to attack as it heats it up and tries to burn her. Lucy keeps on getting hit, one by one she keeps on being pushed down.

Minerva somehow stops attacking after hearing this. She keeps on punching and kicking her, all over her body!

Erza vs. minerva

Lucy keeps on getting beaten down! Natsu, Gray and Erza notice that Sting and the others are laughing at this. Arcadios stops the match, the referee stops the match, Minerva holds Lucy outside water barrier, as though she will throw her off, Natsu and the others run as quickly as they can when Fairy Tail ends here!

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Minerva destroys lucy naval battle fairy tail daily anime art

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