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Makes unique brahmin protected and respawn if they didn't already. Also gives Trashcan Carla's brahmin a name.

Fallout 4 Ol Girl

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Here are the links to each of them:. Did you know Magnolia is voiced by Lynda Carter?

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Characters from the various settlements across Fallout 4. A mechanical genius. He's one of the first settlers to reach Sanctuary Hills and later s the Commonwealth Minutemen as their 'tech guy'.

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An elderly woman who claims to be a psychic due to her extensive chem use. She is the only lead the Sole Survivor has to finding their lost son.

A couple who recently lost their son Kyle. Jun became an emotionally crushed man because of it, while Marcy responds by being angry and irritable at the world. Bunker Hill's mayor, responsible for managing the town's funds and paying protection money to the Raider gangs.

A smart-mouthed, chain-smoking wandering junk seller, and likely the first travelling merchant the player will meet. Bunker Hill's resident armour merchant - a portly, no-nonsense man who tours the Commonwealth's settlements fallout his pack brahmin, "Ol' Girl. An erratic, emaciated arms dealer. From Bunker Hill, her caravan - and her brahmin, "Spot" - brings high-powered weapons to the wasteland.

A slick and shifty traveling doctor, who - with his brahmin, "Idiot" - offers medical supplies and services to the settlers of the Commonwealth. A wealthy merchant owning multiple caravans based out of Bunker Hill Such as the ones listed above - also a contact to the Railroad in charge of smuggling Synths to various safehouses and away from the Commonwealth. living in Vault 81 who is eager to meet the Sole Survivor, being the very first outsider he gets to lay eyes on. Brother-sister twins. Robert works as the engineer of the Vault's generator and is a junkie, while Tina sells chems behind the Overseer's back.

A veteran Minuteman who left the organization when the Castle was lost and the last general died, disgusted at the infighting that was taking roots in the organization. She returns when she hears the Minutemen have re-taken the Castle and are united under a new General to see if they are worth re-ing.

Before the war, he discovered an alien artifact that gave him superhuman abilities, however this caused him to become dangerously homicidalor at least this is what Jack wants you to believe. A Ghoul who serves as the mouthpiece during your dealings with the Cabot family. Also their longtime bodyguard. The former head of toy development for Wilson Atomatoys.

Glass lost his job after protesting the direction his company was about to take, and then witnessed the world end the next day. Despite all odds, Arlen survived as a ghoul, and can be found tinkering with the Giddyup Buttercup toys he invented long ago in The Slog, a ghoul-run farmstead.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Jared controls one of the biggest Raider gangs in the Commonwealth, and operates out of the Corvega Assembly Plant in Lexington. Unfortunately for Gristle, the Sole Survivor soon finds a nifty suit of Power Armor and a minigun which makes short work of him.

During a recent raid, her group killed one of the Abernathy's daughters and stole a locket from her body, which prompts Blake Abernathy to send the Sole Survivor to retrieve it. His close proximity to the starting area means it's dangerously easy to stumble upon him unprepared and underleveled.

After getting into a fight with rival Raiders at the Federal Rations Stockpile, he managed to kidnap the lead Raider's sister and hold her hostage in girl for food. Unfortunately, he accidentally killed her shortly after she attempted to escape and must now forge letters to keep her surviving sister unaware. Now Red Tourette sends food rations to the Beantown Brewery in the hopes of keeping her fallout safe until she can rescue her. Unbeknownst to Red, her sister was already accidentally killed sometime before the events of the game by Tower Tom when she attempted to escape.

Slag le the Forged raiders out of Saugus Ironworks and is notable for being one of the few Raiders motivated by more than just caps and bloodlust. His Raiders have formed a cult based around fire and metal and are some of the fiercest in the Commonwealth due to their deadly flame based weaponry. Meanwhile, Bedlam's a Raider under Slag working to mine supplies for Saugus, and who ends up stumbling upon something that should have remained buried.

She le the crew found at Dunwich Borers. An insane Raider who has a crew set up inside D. Technical High School and resides deep within the lower levels. He was always vicious, but after a recent dog attack he seems to slowly be losing his mind.

A sick and twisted man who is forming a massive gang out of East Boston Preparatory School through his blood contracts and acts of torture. He was in an agreement with Bunker Hill not to attack their caravans, but breaks this deal and causes Kessler to send the Sole Survivor after him.

James Wire was once a loyal Minuteman soldier serving under General Becker until his death in With no leader and dwindling supplies Wire tried to find a way to make an honest living out of Libertalia as the Minutemen began to fall apart. After being forced to execute two of his best men for stealing from a caravan Wire slowly begins giving in to the Raider lifestyle. Byhe has embraced this fully and is no better than any of the other gangs raiding the Commonwealth. Meanwhile, Gabriel's an escaped Synth formerly known as B who had his memory wiped and name changed by the Railroad after escaping the Institute.

Diamond city citizens

Unfortunately, his new persona fell in with the group of Raiders living at Libertalia and quickly became their new leader. According to Father, he has taken many innocent lives as Gabriel and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. He only appears during the "Synth Retention" sidequest. With the defeat of the Institute, she and her group have grown much bolder. However, the demise of the Institute also eased the burden on the Railroad, and the raider ring now has the wrong kind of attention from the operation.

One of Sinjin's top lieutenants who accompanies him during the climax of the "Silver Shroud" quest in Milton General Hospital. The leader of Gunner forces in the Commonwealth and their highest-ranking known member. He commands his troops from deep within Gunners Plaza, a massive base made in the ruins of an old broadcasting station to the south of Boston.

A formally loyal Minuteman who served for ten years until he betrayed his comrades in what would later become known as the "Quincy Massacre" where invading Gunners dealt a deathblow to the militia and effectively wiped the old Minutemen from existence. Impressed by his brutality, ruthlessness and skill, the Gunners rewarded his treason by promoting him to leader of all Gunner forces stationed inside Quincy. He can be found in his makeshift command center on the overpass overlooking the ruins of the town. A Gunner Sargent under the command of Clint in the Quincy ruins.

He can usually be found on top of the old church where Sturges lived and takes shots at the player with heavy explosives. A former raider who now serves Lieutenant Clint as one of the Gunner Bosses controlling the ruined town of Quincy. She prefers to get in close with melee attacks and beat her victims to death. A high-ranking Gunner mercenary encountered near the ruins of Quincy. He's looking for ghouls to enslave since their radiation immunity makes them very useful workers and will pay the Sole Survivor if they agree to hand over a ghoul child they just met.

The Overseer of Vault inonly briefly encountered during the prologue. Since the vault's residents were all cryogenically frozen, he was responsible for controlling the vault's fallout rations, keeping tabs on the researchers, and managing the security staff. His incompetent leadership and refusal to allow anyone to leave the vault quickly led to conflict with the vault's security personnel, who were largely kept in the dark about the details of the vault's experiment. As the experiment was only meant to last for six months, food supplies rapidly dwindled, until the security personnel finally lost all patience with him and staged a mutiny, killing him and all of the researches.

The Vault was subsequently abandoned, leaving its residents entombed in their cryo pods. A Shakespeare-obsessed intellectual of sorts. At the beginning of the game, Rex is captured by a gang of Super Mutants alongside his friend Strong, requiring the player to rescue them. A wandering little girl and her Sentry bot companion, respectively. Kat is a girl who sells you stuff; Gus is her robot guardian. A mysterious traveling vigilante who cosplays as a comic book hero known as Manta Man. He appears after the player completes The Silver Shroud questline.

An artist whose gallery is being invaded by raiders. It's clear from the first room that they might not be the most dangerous thing there. As such, he's now floating in circles around the Sunshine Tidings co-op.

Fallout 4′s pack brahmin

The first ghoul to be created, he was a notorious gangster back before the Great War. He's since hidden himself away in a girl bunker that had once been a hideout, even as his crimes slowly begin creeping up to him. A ghoulified Chinese naval captain who's been stranded in his Yangtze submarine off the Commonwealth coast since the Great War. Long remorseful for his own actions against the Americans, he longs to return to China but is unable to without the right fuel rods.

The Survivor can help him, or put him out of his misery permanently. The leader and presumably only member of the "Salem Volunteer Militia". Barney can be found on the roof of his family home shooting mirelurks, and then instructs the player to reactivate his turrets.

He'll reward you with a powerful fallout rifle that does extra damage against mirelurks. The proprietor of the Combat Zone, a fighting arena built inside an old theater. When the Sole Survivor comes and kills the raiders who've overrun the place, he's initially upset at the loss of revenue, but then decides to use the opportunity to pass on Cait 's contract to them.

A man that hangs out around the South Boston Police station.