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Fallout 4 pool mod, Erotik mod search men to dating

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Fallout 4 Pool Mod

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Build your own swimming pool! Adds 3 water planes to build at your settlement workshop. The water markers snap with each other and most of workshop structures.

Add 5 fully functional showers. NPC can use it, the actor that use it even the player will automatically undress and redress upon exiting. File information Last updated 04 June PM. Original 10 May PM. ed by Akarnan. Virus scan Safe to use. About this mod Build your own swimming pool! Requirements This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game. Would you go to one without a pool?!

Anyway, when the settlement is imported you must place the water-blocks yourself Looks like BYOP water blocks are not imported automatically, don't know why. Original Homestead version only. Adds a rad cleaning shower upstairs. Author notes This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file.

Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Version 4.

Adds 18 ceramic tiles mesh to build a pool or a bathroom. Change the name of some items. Fix some typo in shower and pool script.

Fixes a typo preventing quadrant marker to show in vanilla menus. Added Quandrant Water Marker.

Added new option to the config holotape. Fixed the x water marker for better targeting.

Updated the configuration holotape to match the new functionalities. Added back the animation file that was missing in the version. Added 1 circle water plane. Added a relaxation point marker. Added some configuration options to the holotape. Fixed a bug preventing the configuration holotape icon to show in inventory. Due to the additions of the new showers i have to remove the cap of happiness brought by showers.

Fixed issue with furniture menu disappearing upon uninstallation. Fixed issue with npc not undressing correctly Fixed issue with water plane beeing larger than the marker Added some compatibility with mods like Place Everywhere. A crude tutorial to show you how to build a basic, yet functional pool. A very sweet video Cornmango aka Nice's Playthroughs.

A Different Sanctuary. A Wicked Shipping Blueprint Abernathy Farm. Alva Fredriksson Starlight Ownership Modded. Athanatos Modern Somerville Place.

Bearcules' Builds - Updated Big E's Section 9. Blake's Clean and Tidy Settlement Blueprints.

Bunker Hill. Optional I merely used this mod to create my personal shower room at the entrance of this settlement.

Castle City. Castle Rock - A Unique Castle blueprint. Coastal Castle formerly Costal Cottage.

Coastal Cottage Settlement blueprint. Coastal Cottage Version for those who like a swim. Coastal Manor Transfer Settlement Blueprint. County Crossing. County Crossing The City of Logs. Covenant Little Village.

Croup Manor To the Manor born. Dalton Farm. Digi-Fu's Covenant blueprint - Restoring the Commonwealth. Digi-Fu's Graygarden blueprint - Restoring the Commonwealth. Required for the water tiles for the well and also the relaxation markers for settlers. Digi-Fu's Vault 88 blueprint - Restoring the Commonwealth.

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Egret Marina. Egret Tours Marina V 2. Finch Farm. Finch Farm The City. General Atomics Galleria - Opportunities. This time i made a pool for this settlement but it's three stories high and you are unable to get up there without jetpac or a leap of faith, also used for the showers in some areas of this settlement. Greentop Nursery.

Greentop Nursery Little Village. Greentop Nursery The City.

Hangman's Alley. Hangman's Alley Blueprint - DrunkPanda. Hangmen's Alley Hidden underground vault. Home Plate.

Home plate 4. Hometown Sanctuary. Jamaica Plain.

Jellys New Greentop Nursery. Jellys Croup Manor. Jellys Finch Farm. Jellys Murkwater Construction V2. Jellys New Croup Manor. Jellys New Tenpines Bluff. Jellys Rustic Oberland Station. Jellys Rustic Sanctuary. Jellys Simple Sunshine Tidings. Jellys Warwick Homestead. Kingsport Lighthouse Little Village. Le-xi's Sanctuary and Player Home.

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Le-xi's Scuba Park. Longfellow's Cabin Little Village. Minutemen Base at Red Rocket. Modern County Crossing. Modern Dalton Farm Far Harbor. Modern Finch Farm. Modern Greentop Nursery. Modern Kingsport Lighthouse.