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Fallout 4 pregnant, Swede girl pregnant for men to fallout

Companions react to sole raising a death claw and it surprisingly growing to be loyal and maybe even a little possessive of both them and sole?

Fallout 4 Pregnant

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How the fucking hell can she be a mother to ? Not someone like her.

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Just know it took some heavy convincing and bribing from their Companion to get them to try. Alas, Sole and others were pregnant and it was interesting, to say the least. First, it was the morning sickness then the mood swings. And now this. They were taking yet another lazy day and the unexpected happened. The baby moved. Cait: Cait always wanted. She felt like she wanted to undo the wrongs her parents did and make her own well-rounded. She wanted to treat them like who they were as a person.

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A human. Instead of a slave or worst a waste of space. She would also treat them with compassion no matter what. Sole wanted a restart on raising a kid and Cait wanted one. What could go wrong? For starters Sole would panic anytime Cait held her stomach. Instead, he just rubbed her stomach and smiled. Cait guessed that he was used to it because of his late spouse.

Either way, it was sweet to see Sole like that.

At first, it was an experiment on human life but then halfway through she felt like this was more than just an experiment. In a way, she felt attached to the child and she would often talk to it when she was by herself. She often found herself singing to the unborn child and would sometimes get caught by Sole. Eventually, she would confess her true love for the kid to Sole and would beg for him to forgive her. After that, he would rub her belly and kiss her. As soon as he touched her stomach he felt a small kick.

He leaned down kissed her stomach and smiled up at her. Curie then thought to herself how lucky she was to have those two.

Danse: After the exile from the Brotherhood he needed the happiness that Sole brings. And after some convincing and science, Sole was pregnant. All throughout the pregnancy, he was constantly at her side.

[fo4] anybody out there have experience with the family planning mod?

He would also panic about every little thing that she did. If she winces even a little bit he would be there. Hell, he will even go as far as to feed her. Which Sole quickly put an end to. Checking her temperature, stomach, you name it he was on it. Until he figured out it was the baby moving he would calm down. Sole made a shocked gasp which made Deacon run over to her side to see what happened. Which then prompted a kick from the womb. I mean he had Duncan so no surprise. But this one was kinda different.

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He felt like this baby made them officially official. He felt like that tiny event ified everything. Just know he would be smiling about it every time it happens. Hancock: First off the fact that Sole even got pregnant in the first place was a miracle. But the baby moving was in a whole different ballpark.

He finds himself regretting what he said to Sole when the first started out.

He believed that she was gonna walk away eventually. Because no one like me should be this lucky. Nick: Similar to Hancock it was a miracle and some science thanks to Curie that Sole got pregnant. And he knew the day she told him that he would protect that baby with his life if he had to. Though at first, Nick was very hesitant about the whole thing. Thinking why would they want to be with an old robot like him.

But of course Sole assured him that he was the one for her and she was the one for him and all that. Even when the baby kicked Nick was a little hesitant to touch her stomach thinking he would hurt her and all, but no. Again she assured him and he touched her. Which actually brought a smile to both of their faces. To Nick the feeling of the child in her stomach made him feel like he was on cloud nine and that they were finally meet to be in his eyes. It made it so much harder for her to move especially while trying to snag interviews.

And since he was always there he was able to witness the kicking. Of course, Piper freaked out due to lack of experience but Sole soon calmed her down. Explaining how his old spouse used to have those all the time with Shaun. All in all, it made Piper appreciate Sole way more than she usually did.

Preston: Throughout the whole pregnancy Preston was a worrying mess. If something fell on the floor he was right there to get it no fallout what. He was so afraid of losing the child but of course Sole told him she was fine. Telling him that they were safe and if anything happens she will protect the baby. After being told that Preston would calm down and would only pick up stuff if they needed it. Due to this new change, they both agreed that Preston was still allowed to give her belly rubs whenever she needed.

Which then prompted her to have many moments where he would be rubbing and the pregnant would kick at him.

Moments like this would make him the happiest and it would remind him not to take life for granted. X In the Institute they have technology that allows synths to conceive with humans like Sole. As the director of the institute, Sole marched right to the Synth Retention Bureau and asked about it. It went sort of like her asking for X6 sperm to see if she could get pregnant. It worked and now they are here. During the pregnancy, he never left her side for more than a moment. And when the baby kicked he was there for it too. It made him smile and blushed a bit when it happened.

And when Sole noticed it made her think of how X6 smiles a lot more than he used too when he is with her and the baby. Originally posted by abasketofgifs. This was requested by femalepennywise. I will not be opening up my inbox until later June. But you can still expect me to post.

I still need to clear out my drafts. Anyways as always I hope you enjoyed.

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