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Fallout 4 valentines day, I fallout like valentine for day that loves titfuck

If you and your ificant other are fans of Fallout 4it's not hard to imagine some of the gifts you get each other on Valentine's Day to be Fallout-themed. We've already seen the type of gifts time and utter talent and dedication can produce, but there's something to be said for a simpler approach.

Fallout 4 Valentines Day

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Jilly JellyFallout 4 fans are now able to not only express their love for the game, but also show a special someone in their lives that they care with some delightful Valentine's Day cards featuring all of the open world title's companion characters. Most of the Fallout 4 cards are large enough to print off, so should one have an ample amount of ink in their printers, they'll be able to radiate the warmth of their love to others with the cute little Valentines, as Bakos has made them free to use.

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Nick Valentine lives up to his last name, as he is everyone's favorite Detective from the game Fallout 4. He also happens to be a synth, a synthetic human.

Nick valentine

But the fact that half his face is missing and the other half is metal doesn't stop fans from wanting to romance the noir-inspired detective. Due to his charm, quick-witted dialogue, and his immense help at killing the bad guys and hacking terminals, Detective Nick Valentine has cemented himself as one the best parts of Fallout 4.

If you don't believe it, then maybe these ten fan-made memes will remind you why everyone loves Nick Valentine. Nick is the ultimate dark noir detective, which means he sees the glass as half empty and has trouble with optimism.

His face in the Fallout 4 game is usually painted with a scowl or a thin-lipped smile at most when he gets a good hehot or insult in. But, a full-on smile just looks completely odd and downright creepy on him, as seen in this meme made with faceapp. One fan-favorite feature is the ability to have a companion you on your journies in the Fallout world and the possibility to romance them.

Yet, even though you are able to add Nick Valentine as a companion while playing through Fallout 4he is un-romanceable. Many fans have made memes and posts like the one above featuring Gru from Despicable Meshouting their frustration that they can't flirt with this cold hard hunk of metal. This meme perfectly shows off Nick's salty side, as he always has the best comebacks to the comments of disgust and ugly expressions that come his way once people see his face and realize he is a synth, a species that is untrusted and feared by the people who don't fully understand their origin.

Nick would never hurt anyone that was innocent, but he doesn't filter his words for anyone's benefit, and this often le to a great burn. This meme featuring Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants features a creepy figure in the street that eerily resembles the pose of Nick Valentine.

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Pair that with Patrick's line about standing in the dark, menacingly, and it's a clear parallel. But, menacing just works for Nick; he can just stand there and get all the information he needs without lifting a finger. He's just that good. Even though Patrick is always ranked low in intelligencehe is smart enough to understand what menacing is. This robot worked in the episode "Silence Of The Clamps" from season six of Futurama is a dead ringer for Nick, and fans of Fallout would be sure to enjoy the futuristic humor of Futurama and would be pleased to see a character that calls out to the synthetic detective of Fallout' s world.

It's just a shame it seems Nick might run out of detective work and had to downgrade. Futurama has been known to predict a few thingsso maybe this is just another premonition. Of course, no one is sure what happened to him to end up here, but maybe it's just another unsolved Fallout mystery. One of the great things about having Nick around is that when things get too hectic he's there to help out—or he can just do the things players don't want to, like hacking into terminals.

These fallout 4 valentine's cards will nuke your heart

The room is flooded with super mutants, but you need to get a file of that terminal to complete the mission? No problem; Nick's on the case. He proves to be valuable in numerous ways, so it's no wonder fans love having him as a companion. When he can't hack that terminal for you, one might get a little upset. He had one job, and he couldn't do it?

It might be enough to transform a trusting Vaultdweller into a suspicious, hulking member of the Brotherhood of Steel faction who hates the very thing he is. He might be an unknowing hypocrite, but he is definitely not someone you want to cross so watch out nick, you better give that terminal another go.

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This cartoon from Deviantart user krwawnik reminds fans that Nick is way too focused on his cases to make jokes. Unlike his counterpart, DiMA, Nick is not a synth with a built-in sense of humor. He is true to the film-noir style of his character and is not keen on messing around. He is more of a witty one-liner type of person or someone who favors dark humor and sarcasm.

So, practical jokes and pranks are not his cup of tea. If you joke around too much around him, he will be the first to remind you of the task at hand and how there is no time for anything but answers. One of Nick's favorite stories to tell is about the time he scared away a whole group of kidnappers by pretending to be strapped to a bomb. All he had to do was start making a beeping noise, and they believed he was about to explode and did not stick around to see if he was serious or not.

Fallout 4-themed valentine's day cards spread love in and out of the wasteland

The story still makes him smirk to this day, one of the few things that bring him close to a smile. He loves to share the tale and remind everyone how brilliant he truly is— and he doesn't even need armor. This meme perfectly blends Toy Storya fan favorite childhood movie, with a fan favorite wasteland survival game as Nick takes on the role of Woody, who is reminding Paladin Danse that he is not, in fact, a space ranger.

Paladin Danse is a great parallel to Buzz, as they both are delusional enough to not see themselves for who they truly are, a toy in Buzz's case, and a synth in Danse's case. But, like trusty Woody, Nick is there to tell it like it is, but, since there are young ones around, he will just have to be creative with his language.

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