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Fallout female super mutant, Fallout female mutant guy to super

At least they all sound maleā€¦but why? I don't really know of any super mutant backstory, such as how they were created which may lead to an answerbut I never once heard a super mutant that sounded female when they spoke.

Fallout Female Super Mutant

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Before any lore nut comes in here giving their feeback as of why not. Get lost!

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Tags: feminism super mutants unity. I can't remember any right now, but i do remember that the vault dweller tells the master to ask his female muties if any of them have ever been pregnant. So where are the mutated women?

Are some of the lesser mutants in the classics female? Or do female and male mutants look simiral? Tiny TimApr 11, Prone SquandererApr 11, There are some female nightkin in new vegas, though. Mainly Tabitha and Lilly.

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Not sure how that works though. Female and male super mutants look similar. FEV removes breasts because it considers them redundant, it also increases the muscle mass and "repairs" the reproductive system gametes making them sterile.

Male and female keep their sexual organs but the rest of their body gets homogenized. So male and female look the same and their voice sounds the same, their chests also look the same because no female breasts. Last edited: Apr 11, RisewildApr 11, So, for all we know lieutenant might have female sexual organs?

Somehow i doubt it. All the mutants with names -so all the important ones- look and act male.

They even have male names like Harry, Larry etc these ones for instance hit on you if you're female I did find some more info in the fallout bible that seems to confirm what you said though:. I would say it's obvious that Super Mutants with male names are male, ones with female names are female I think there are no female named ones in the classic fallout games, but Fallout New Vegas has a few for example.

Or since all generic Super Mutants in the classic games are just called "Super Mutant", chances are that there are males and females in those. Just like we have plenty of male and female generic NPCs called Townsperson.

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The Master was a giant slime monster cyborg with multiple sexual identities if his voices were any indication. I don't think his idea of what is best for humanity via FEV was very coherent toward the end. CT PhippsApr 11, It is established in Fo1 that male and female super-mutants are hard to identify, as their body changed a lot. And Fo2 has a couple arguing in Broken Hills, but their appearance is similar to each other. You can't discuss with them. Show Ignored Content.

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