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Family Guy Couples Retreat

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Lois books a couple's vacation, but it turns out to be a marriage counseling program. Carter is frustrated because the kids are so into their electronics.

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Family Guy 's cutaway gags and offensive comedy have really made a name for itself in adult animation. Despite its title, this series doesn't get a lot of credit for how it explores family life or the challenges of marriage. As such, this list would like to explore the gems of the series that truly got to roll around with intimacy and humanity of romance.

Stepping away from just its cold, hard comedy, this list will be running through some of Family Guy 's most romantic episodes.

Preview pics: family guy ”take my wife”

Family Guy is often and accurately proclaimed as one of the kings of reference comedy and parody. As such, once Valentine's Day started to roll around in Quahog, it was about time to give the ol' romcoms their due. Parodying the likes of Love Actuallythis episode would feature various storylines across Quahog about its different residents handling the challenges and adventures of love and relationships.

This would see Peter and Lois vying to find an intimate moment, Meg dating an organ thief, and Brian coming face-to-face with all of his past lovers.

E18 · take my wife

It's a fun romp on the romcom-esque romance and a nice nod to the histories, personalities, and relationships that have made the series. A fan-favorite relationship, the interesting duo of Stewie and Olivia had a wonderful start in this episode. Scouted as talent, Stewie gets to enroll in a performing arts school, where he begins to clash with one of his more catty classmates. However, he and Oliva find that, unless they both can pull off a good performance, that they'd be expelled from the school, From there, the two would start a road show that would exemplify their talent and chemistry in great song and dance, performances that would soon see Stewie falling for Olivia.

In addition to this, there's also a fun B-side here that sees Peter and Lois struggle to support Meg's newfound relationship with a nudist.

Take my wife

Love certainly takes all forms. Learning a thing or two about how to attract women from Brian and Quagmire, Stewie finally manages to woo Olivia, beginning a romance that would start with adorable intimacy and quickly sink into bitter reluctance.

From there, the literal babies would pantomime the dying days of a long marriage, displaying everything from passive-aggressive dialogue to a rage-filled ending that was more than just a bitter goodbye. Peter Griffin hasn't always been the embodiment of romance.

Often seeming like he doesn't even remember his wedding ring, the overweight Rhode Islander has often struggled to show appreciation for his wife.

The best 'family guy' episodes of all time

However, in this episode, he tends to show a little too much, going into a fit of jealous rage when he sees Lois try to reconnect with an old boyfriend. Wanting to improve their marriage, the two would begin couples therapy and soon find that their therapist recommends a trial separation.

This would have Lois have a cheeky go with her long lovelorn neighbor, Quagmire, and Peter somehow going out with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Can these two withstand their own jealousy to truly appreciate one another? But they can use that jealousy to defend one another. It's often hard to tell whether or not a relationship is good for someone, especially when the romance seems like a match made in heaven.

Family guy season 13 episode full episode live!

Such is the plight of "Mr. Stewie," in which Stewie reconnects with his evil roots when he starts dating a girl just like him. The two would find great, intellectual solace in one another and would begin an entire ram to create chaos in the world. However, guy that Stewie is going down a rough path, Brian tries to do retreat about it, only to wedge himself in between the sharpened blades of two dangerous babies.

If romance isn't your thing, there's also a really cool fight sequence at the end of this couple. Always ready to try and work on their marriage, Peter and Lois go on a second honeymoon when Peter finds out that Lois fantasizes about other men during their lovemaking. However, going on vacation only presents new challenges, as a car crash, a run-in with Mel Gibson, and an family conspiratorial chase that truly pays due to its title all work against their marriage.

However, being the fighters that they are, Peter and Lois fight through the gun fire and Mel Gibson's Christian propaganda to strengthen their marriage even more. If there was ever an episode to prove that Peter and Lois were bound together by fate, it would be this one.

After having forgotten his anniversary with Lois and sending her on an entire goose chase to distract her while he goes golfing, Peter gets struck by lightning and comes face-to-face with Death However, time is not up for him, as Death only seeks to show him the error of his ways as teases the death of Peter's marriage.

Not one to admit his faults, Peter takes Death across his perilous history to get the right to marry Lois, featuring an exploration of their first date and Peter's entire journey to meet her after Carter Pewterschmidt forcibly sends him out to sea.

Looking into how he fell in love with Lois and seeing Death's own complications with finding love, Peter gradually begins to see what exactly he's been taking for granted.

Stewie is the very epitome of young love in the series, and he certainly has quite the to exemplify it. Not one to be one note, however, "Go, Stewie, Go! After discovering that his favorite show, Jolly Farm, was casting new kids in his town, Stewie decides to audition, only to find it that they were only filling in girl roles once he arrived.

Being a trooper, Stewie takes this as an opportunity and dresses as a girl to get a part. However, on set, he soon falls in love with one of his cast members who appears to be in a toxic relationship with one of the other boys. As such, he's inspired to turn the entire show into a feminist revolution to improve the female roles for himself and the girl.

As he uses this to get closer to her, Stewie begins to struggle to maintain his facade. A lot of Peter and Lois romances kind of involve time travel.

Clips & extras

This is especially the case in "Meet the Quagmires. Death lets him, only for Peter to find himself ruining his entire future and his relationship with Lois.

As such, Peter seeks to get her back via a variety of time-based redos and an entire raid of Lois' dance that comes straight out of Back to the Future. In possibly Family Guy 's truest and strongest dive into a complex and painful romance, this episode has Brian explore a relationship with an elderly, opera singer.

Brian's romances are often lacking considering that he all too often falls to his own ignorance and hubris. However, this episode truly sees him organically fall in love with a refreshing, cultured intellectual within his humdrum life.

After a community service sentence has him taking care of Pearl Burton, an initially bitter miser, Brian begins to connect with her when he finds out about her talented past. A romance to not only delight Brian but also break Pearl's fears of the outside world, this episode really is a gem.

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Family guy (–…): season 13, episode 18 - take my wife - full transcript

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