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Fat guys fighting, Ukrainian Fat found fighting for courtship

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Fat Guys Fighting

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Imagine becoming heavyweight champion of the world - by knocking out a fighter who's never been knocked out - and still having to worry about people calling you fat. Andy Ruiz Jr's astonishing win against Anthony Joshua looks like a victory for anyone who's been mocked for carrying a bit too much timber. To the untrained eye, the Mexican certainly looked hopelessly out of shape - with slo-mo replays merely highlighting his wobbly torso. But Newsbeat's been finding out how all that fat might actually help you fight.

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Anthony joshua: when fat helps win fights

After a decade of watching mixed martial arts, certain truisms are becoming obvious even as the sport continues to evolve. In the early days, the styles of combat were more compartmentalized and scattered as the rules were more fluid or virtually absent. An exotic strike may be legal in this organization and illegal in that, but the basics remain the same.

Similarly, strictures placed on equipment may be tweaked, but you'll invariably see fundamental constants like lightweight gloves with open fingers to allow for grappling, some form of shorts, etc. Contests are usually divided into sets of rounds in the neighborhood of five minutes with title bouts getting a couple extra frames in which to decide matters.

Meanwhile, the action can universally be stopped via knockout, technical guy, or some form of voluntary submission. One consequence of this relative homogenization in the rulebooks has been a parallel phenomenon in the participants. Gone are the fighting of seeing water-and-oil styles clashing for technique supremacy. For better or worse, we'll never see another Tank Abbott pure brawler or Royce Gracie pure grappler. A spectacular single dimension such as striking can get you into the big leagues, but that's where the ride will end. You're gonna have to develop the other areas if you want to stick around and be a sincere player.

Consequently, the difference between winning and losing at the highest levels usually boils down to the subtleties—stuff like who has the better game plan, who sticks to said strategy, who makes that one tiny-but-fatal error, and so on. In other words, victory usually depends Fat who remains mentally composed and executes precisely.

All of this conspires to make excellent cardiovascular training one of the most crucial assets for elite fighters to boast. You can't think if you can't get enough oxygen to the brain and most people can't fight if they can't think—Chris Leben versus Terry Martin notwithstanding.

Obviously, carrying around a bunch of excess weight isn't an advantage for anyone. The best fighters will almost always be those with minimal body fat percentages.

Fat guy fight photos

Having seen many Greek Gods descend from the heavens to try their hand in the ring or cage, I've become suspicious that excess muscle might be a worse idea than excess fat as far as achievement in the Octagon is concerned. Granted, I'm no physiologist not even sure if that's who would knowso these are wild-ass guesses; but I'm under the impression muscle requires oxygen even when not in use. My qu don't just turn off when I sit down, so my circulatory system must still deliver oxygenated blood to them despite the inactivity.

Contrarily, fat is simply fat; it just sits there. I'm sure it needs some oxygen to exist, but it can't possibly need as much as muscle, right?

Mother Nature can't be that cruel, can she? Therefore, it seems to me that fat is a burden because it's dead weight and the body has to work harder than otherwise to maneuver. But that's true of extraneous big muscles as well.

Body beautiful: in boxing, aesthetics don’t count for much

So, if I've got this right, fat is preferable to muscle you don't need because it doesn't compound the problem by simultaneously draining oxygen reserves to survive. Big Country looks like he spends his downtime on a bar stool with a beer in one hand and a fistful of pork rinds in the other. Next to him, the ex-National Football Leaguer's Adonis physique makes for a stark contrast. Yet Shivers looked gassed after about two minutes and it only got worse on the way to a loss while Nelson had enough stamina to win his fight in the second round.

Guy fighting

Nelson's vanquished adversary, the improving Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice, would've decimated Roy in a body-building competition. However, his chiseled bulk wasn't much help against Big Country's bulbous belly or Nelson's vastly superior ground game.

James Thompson could play Conan the Barbarian in the remake, but—when his blundering lack of skill didn't doom him—his propensity to suck wind usually did. James Irvin is wonderfully dangerous if you're in the market for lightning quick KOs, but stretch him out and he becomes pedestrian. The same can be said of Melvin Guillard.

How to win a fight

Skeptics would point out that I've mentioned some seriously flawed names so it's pretty convenient to pick one that suits my argument and run with it. They'd be absolutely right.

Nevertheless, if you look around at the current UFC champions as well as other dominant fighters from the recent history of MMAyou'll notice they fit in nicely. Pierre, B. They're all absurdly strong and a guy like GSP or Captain America could've been sculpted out of marble, but they still aren't the action-hero freaks that populate many of America's professional sports.

In the world of modern mma, the fat man is king

Even the UFC's closest approximation—Brock Lesnar—isn't rippling with fibers that look ready to burst. The dude is big, no doubt, but there's a utilitarian density to his mass that looks built for endurance. There's probably a really good chance I'm completely and utterly wrong about the oxygen and the muscle versus fat. The victorious doughboys might owe their comparative success to something else entirely, maybe the blubber content is just coincidence.

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