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Feisty for the love of ray j, Swiss Feisty hunting ray boy the for

The season does have it's moments and some great characters.

Feisty For The Love Of Ray J

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On the season finale of VH1's "For the Love of Ray J" on Monday night, Brandy's little bro went for the year-old Sacramento cocktail waitress who came in as Joanna Hernandez but left as Cocktail, and his girlfriend. After months of lap dancing, double dealing and more dirty looks than Miss California would get at a GLAAD convention, Cocktail took home the ultimate prize on Monday night's finale, emerging victorious over a roster of would-be potential boos with nicknames like Danger, Feisty, Chardonnay, Lil' Hood, Stacks, Stilts and Atomic Bomb. The often weepy Cocktail — who gained a reputation among the ladies for ratting out other contestants' misdeeds and secrets — squared off in the final episode against Danger and Unique.

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One source notes that it "will be produced by the same geniuses" as those shows, 51 Minds.

Feisty (elizabeth mendez)

Ray J will pour his heart out to these women in hopes that he can figure out who is really there for him. Each week the ladies will attempt to win over Ray J as he carries on with his life in the spotlight. In the end, the girls who can't keep up with Ray J's jet-setting ways will be sent packing. But the one who can impress his friends and family and make Ray J believe that love exists, will win the ultimate prize"?

For the love of ray j (season 1): watched ray j's show for the first time and i think it's pretty good. thoughts?

According to one commentator, the concept of the show involves pampering the contestants with "upscale trips throughout the series" and "Ray J's so in love that he's already given participating girls names like Cashmere, Unique and Hot Cocoa. In episode 16, she was brought on the show and stayed for the remaining 6 episodes. Episode 4 Ray J told the girls that everyone was safe except Caviar; names are alphabetical. Episode 5 Because Stacks and Lil Hood quit, Ray J did not eliminate any of the remaining girls; names are alphabetical.

Prettiest contestants on for the love of ray jay season 1: elizabeth/caviar, christa/chardonnay, danger!, and unique/danielle

Episode 6 Ray J told Cashmere that she could pick up the glass if she wanted to stay, but she could not handle the pressure and left. Episode 9 Ray J said that he needed to meet the girls' parents before he could make a decision. Episode 10 was a recap episode.

Episode 11 Ray J decided to eliminate Unique and he chose to pick Cocktail. Episode 12 This was a reunion show.

Ray J and Cocktail are going to try to maintain a relationship. Chardonnay does the splits for Ray J in front of everyone and he almost eliminates her, because he thought she was too forward with her sexual side. Ray J gives the girls glasses of champagne.

The challenge winners were automatically picked first by Ray J to stay in the house longer.

Call-out order

Genuine: Ray J felt that she was confusing him, first she saying she didn't like being in front of the camera, later mentioning she wanted to be an actress. The Foxes are Feuding First aired February 16, 2.

Reasons for Elimination Stilts: Ray J found out that she is still legally married. Ray J was suspicious about Caviar talking on the phone with Larry so he called in and found out the real truth. Reason For elimination Caviar: Ray J found that Larry managed girls around the world and found that Caviar is here only for exposure.

He felt her teammates were unfair. First aired March 16, 2.

Prettiest contestants on for the love of ray jay season 1: elizabeth/caviar, christa/chardonnay, danger!, and unique/danielle

Challenge Winner: Feisty and Unique Withdrew: Cashmere Reason For withdrawal Cashmere: Cashmere felt the pressure amongst the other girls coming back on her for outing Cocktail's involvement in 6 episodes of The Bad Girls Club later in the first season, credited as Joanna Hernandez, a golddigger, which Ray forgave as part of Cocktail's past built up to a level that was too much for her to handle. The wine glass was there for the taking, but Ray was not about to pick it up and hand it to her, and she couldn't bring herself to take it, which qualifies as a voluntary withdrawal.

Smashing Homies First aired April 6, 3. Ray is waiting to meet each girl's family before he makes an elimination. Willie Norwood makes a second appearance in the show.

More of what happened in the video thrilled challenge Stilts and Ray J went to a studio recording. Feisty Partying and drinking, Chardonnay teaching Feisty how to do a split. Cocktail telling Ray J about the other girls, what they are doing in the house. Unique and Danger having the argument. Feisty being northern tropical Ray J and Chardonnay went to a strip club.

For the love of ray j 1

The girls interrupt Ray J's conversations. The girls playing "Two Truths and a Lie" with each other, where you have to figure out which of the three statements isn't true. Lil'B and the girls imitating each other. Unique, Cocktail and Danger cooks food for Ray J and his parents. Ray J talks about the final 3 girls for the season finale.

Dates: Ray J takes each girl on an individual date. Reasons for Elimination Unique : Ray J felt that she might be a little bit too controlling and meeting her family makes him more nervous like he was expected to be someone he isn't. Reunion Show First aired April 27, 3.

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Caviar talks about her time on the show and her photographer, Larry. Chardonnay talks about her and Ray J being friends. Danger talks about her health and pregnancy rumors. Unique talks about her time on the show and eliminating girls she associates with, including Cashmere.

Cocktail: “ray j broke my heart”

Cocktail talks about her time with Ray J. Bonus Clips Feisty and Lil Hood talk about their time on the show. Cocktail has made her first televised appearance on the first season of The Bad Girls Club Cocktail made an appearance on the For the Love of Ray J season 2 reunion show.

She was eliminated in episode 6. She was also in the music video for Pitbull's "Hotel Room Service" in Reality TV World is not responsible for any errors or omissions this article may contain.

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