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Fort collins strip club, I am strip femme who club tours

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Fort Collins Strip Club

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It's a sad day in Northern Colorado for perverts, bachelors, and other people who just plain like to kick back with a beer and watch girls dance without their shirts on After 25 years, A Hunt Club announced early Sunday morning the closure of the business that will soon become a church of all things. The closure begs the question, where are people supposed to go to see naked chicks in Northern Colorado now? A Hunt Club. You could always drive to one of the many clubs in Denver or make the long trip up highway 85 to Cheyenne and the Den or you could think outside the box no pun intended a little. Greeley, yes Greeley has a strip club.

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I moved here about 2 years ago.

I know there USED to be one here, then a church bought it and was subsequently shut down. Honestly with all the college kids, I thought someone would erect another. I wont ever go but I would appreciate that it's there. Town feels kinda empty and incomplete without a gross strip club buffet ya know? Every strip club I've been to had really good food.

You gotta take care of people to keep em there. Buffets are usually just at lunch to get businessmen to come in and buy drinks on lunch. Went down this road with some investors at one point, because it is weird we don't have one.

Couple things I can tell you from the process:.

Don't miss out on the action

You can't have anything topless inside the city limits there's fun history about a topless donut place I believe that forced the law. Therefore the club would have to be on county land and liquor s are a bitch and a half to push through the county, especially with the legal challenges that would come up about a club.

With I being so close, and all the oil fields, a classy strip club makes economic sense when you map out the demographics as long as you build the place with accessibility to the highway. That being said- real estate is what killed the deal. No one wanted to rent to a club, buying took too much capital for renovations and such to happen.

Fort collins strip club is becoming a church

That meant at least a 5 year return on investment for backers and no one wanted to front that much. And not a single bank wanted to risk becoming know as the backers for the project. Well the hunt club owner actually became born again and abruptly closed it. I actually didn't mind the food there back in the day. I've known people who were trying to open one on the southeast side of town near Trilby. The reason why they backed out is the millions of dollars in investment they needed to make it happen, while also working around the laws and alcohol regulations.

People get tired of jumping through hoops, and the investors place their attention in other cities because of it. It seems the source of the ban is the ban on top less women in foco, correct? For a little local history, Fort Collins was at one time known for having a topless donut shop: Debbie Does Donuts, located out Mulberry near the interstate.

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It was out of city limits, but quite the thing back in the early 90s or 80s. You'd think there'd be demand, with the Fort being a college town. Maybe the titty bar industry needs better lobbyists leaning on the city council I think there are enough easy co-eds that college guys don't have much use for a titty bar.

As something to do with bro friends, I guess, though it always seemed weird to mix the platonic social and the sexual.

New article on an old topic - Coloradoan story. The girl at the at the corner of Mulberry and Remington was a cashier by day, and a dancer at the Hunt Club by night.

Nice girl. Very unique looking.

I still remember her face to this day. It was my understanding that the City of Fort Collins only allowed 1 for a strip club.

#nocoask: why doesn't fort collins have a strip club?

Then, years back, a church or similar entity purchased the to prevent anyone else from opening a strip club. I'm still annoyed there isn't one nearby, would be nice to stop at a nice one every so often on my way home from work. It doesn't even have to be in Fort Collins, at least within 20 miles. No, they just don't exist, also the Hunt Club wasn't in city limits. Didn't know that.


I know they don't exist, it just seemed weird that they are not here. No they aren't banned. Apparently they just don't make enough money. Found the internet!

Are Strip clubs banned in Fort Collins? Posted by 5 years ago. Just curious, this one has bugged me for a few years. Sort by: best.

Continue this thread. Couple things I can tell you from the process: You can't have anything topless inside the city limits there's fun history about a topless donut place I believe that forced the law.

I see what you did there. I was at CSU in the early 90's. Ahh, good old Ft. That's just what I heard. This isn't correct, they actually are banned.


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